Porcelain Crabs, Narcosis and Trash!!!

porcelain crabThis Week in Bunaken…. Spoting Porcelain crabs during a dive. These brightly coloured  and patternated elusive crustaceans measuring upto 2cm can usually be found seeking shelter between the tentacles or the underside of sea anemones. Like the clown fish that live among the anemones the porcelain crab employs the same method to avoid being stung, coating itself in the anemone mucus tricking it into thinking its is part of itself. 


SharknadoThis week in Bunaken… We have been overrun with sharks on all of our dives this week, making it seem like we’re in the cheesy horror film of Sharknado (google this and you’ll see what we’re talking about). In one overhang section of Lekuan II, local guide Rolly and repeater guests Bob and Sandra from the States found three white tip sharks circling around. As well, there were many dawn dives on Sachiko, all with sightings of sharks on each dive.


Hermit CrabThis week in Bunaken… The next time you pick up an empty shell on the beach and pocket it to take home, just think of all the hermit crabs that would have loved to move into such a nice home. That’s right, with more and more shells going as souvenirs to be placed on bookshelves, our dearly loved hermit crabs are experiencing the worst ever real estate crash here on Bunaken. Here’s a picture of a local hermit crab who still has his home (although a bit shabby looking). The photo was taken by our repeater guests from Germany – Mendy & Andreas.


Skeleton ShrimpThis week on Bunaken…. Some of the tiniest creatures known as skeleton shrimp are ready for Halloween here on Bunaken. Our guides are famous for finding the tiniest things underwater and there is no exception for this one. The skeleton shrimp is only millimetres long and completely transparent – they hang around on pieces of soft coral in a sort of praying mantis like way. The picture here is taken by our repeater guest Keith from New Zealand on one of his dives with Rolly. Nice job focusing on such a tiny and clear creature!


IMG_6176~01This week in Bunaken…. dive guides have been showing off to our divers Bunaken’s little wonders underwater, including ornate ghost pipe fish, Potoh’s pygmy seahorse and the usual range of candy & orang-utan crabs, skeleton shrimps and whatever else is smaller than the normal eye can see. Pictured here is the ornate ghost pipe fish (black & yellow variation) hanging upside-down next to a feather star.


pilot whalesThis week in Bunaken…. Our divers on Bunaken have been super lucky to spot both a whale shark and a pod of pilot whales during the surface intervals of the two morning dives! The whale shark came very near to the Bethlehem boat on Sunday to show off to our divers while they were de-kitting. Then just this morning there was a large pod of pilot whales swimming just along the front of our boat Sylvia – one pilot whale was so huge and curious, he just hung out next to the boat with our divers looking on!

Shipwreck dive in Bunaken

shipwreck in bunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN… the ShipWreck dive was really nice with great viz and almost no current, so it was good dive for all the divers. This shipwreck has lot of life growing on it and supports many fish, such as a super cool Mappa Pufferfish sitting on the deck and greeting divers. Even after a few photo’s were taken of him he still did not move away, instead giving just a little waving to say hi. On the reef side of the wreck also had lot of cool little encounters like juvenile sweetlip, mantis shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish and scorpion fish.

Turtle Town Around Bunaken

turtleTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN…. Fun divers are having turtle week and it seems like every dive site is turning into a turtle town around Bunaken. Everybody is commenting that many BIG turtles are swimming around and passing really close to the divers. They are certainly not afraid of cameras, which is the good thing for the people who like to take underwater photos. Thanks Geby & Hajo for the nice Turtle photo!

Big fish and macro at the same time in Bunaken

big-and-small-in-bunaken-v2THIS WEEK IN BUANKEN…have you ever had a dive where you saw both a big fish and macro at the same time? A couple of our guests, John and James, had one of those moments as they turned around after looking at a nice pygmy seahorse to immediately see a reef shark. Although they have been visiting Bunaken over the past ten years, this was their first double-take of finding something so small and then be immediately confronted with something so big!

Clown Frogfish in Bunaken

clown frogfish in bunaken THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……… we found a clown frogfish in Bunaken, who says they are only in Lembeh! The weather has been really good and we have had visibility of 25m and more, maybe this is why we have been seeing lots of bigger things like Napoleon wrasse, Baracuda, Whitetip and Blacktip reef sharks, Eagle rays, Yellowfin & Dog-tooth Tuna, and schools of Big-eye Trevaly and Batfish.

Seahorse week in Bunaken

THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……..we have been having a Seahorse week with both variety and abundance! We have seen Pontohi, Severns and Denise Pygmy Seahorses. We have also seen Candy, Boxer and Orangutang crabs, Leaf Scorpion fish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Coral Shrimps, Black & White Tip Reef sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Tuna, Barracuda, Giant Moray, Nudis including a…