Clown Frogfish in Bunaken

clown frogfish in bunaken THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……… we found a clown frogfish in Bunaken, who says they are only in Lembeh! The weather has been really good and we have had visibility of 25m and more, maybe this is why we have been seeing lots of bigger things like Napoleon wrasse, Baracuda, Whitetip and Blacktip reef sharks, Eagle rays, Yellowfin & Dog-tooth Tuna, and schools of Big-eye Trevaly and Batfish.

Seahorse week in Bunaken

THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……..we have been having a Seahorse week with both variety and abundance! We have seen Pontohi, Severns and Denise Pygmy Seahorses. We have also seen Candy, Boxer and Orangutang crabs, Leaf Scorpion fish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Coral Shrimps, Black & White Tip Reef sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Tuna, Barracuda, Giant Moray, Nudis including a…

Boxer crabs in Bunaken

THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……..We have been experiencing some colder patches in the water, but we have been seeing many creatures. John our DMT again asked for the divers highlights. We have seen Giant Trevally, Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse, Bumphead Parrot fish, some large Porcupine fish, Robust Ghost Pipefish, White Mouth Moray, Mandarin fish, Leaf Scorpion fish, Reef…

Divemaster Internship in Bunaken – week2 report from John

Week 1 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

Another week done as a divemaster intern. Halfway there. Wow .. how much I’ve learned! I spent time with instructor Dion in a Rescue Diver course, and was happy to both observe the skills and get some practice and refresher myself. We worked in both the confined environment of the swimming pool and then took it all to the open water and performed the skills there. There were instructional deep dives, drift dives, navigation dives, and even managed a little fun diving 🙂

Divemaster Internship in Bunaken – week 1 report from John

Week 1 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

And so one gets to spend his 51st birthday diving, studying diving skills, getting underwater experience, new knowledge of marine life, new friends … and a school of dolphins frolicking on the surface after a dive! It overwhelms the emotions to think of the winter I left behind and the warmth I find myself in.

Week 4 of Eco Divemaster Internship, almost finished!

Sarah Divemaster internshipWeek 4 of Eco Divemaster Internship now in Bunaken

What an eventful week this last week of my Eco Divemaster Internship has been!

The week began with assisting my instructor Dion on Eli’s Junior Open Water course. This was my first experience assisting on a whole Open Water course and it was very rewarding. I will never forget Eli’s first time under water. He was a bit stressed at the surface from salt water getting in his eyes but as soon as we pointed out a turtle swimming past he completely relaxed. For the rest of the dive every so often I could hear a muffled “wow” coming out of his regulator.