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21 Apr / 2017
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Leafy Filefish in LembehThe Leafy Filefish welcomed VIP’s to Lembeh this week as Tom and Karen returned for their 14th visit to Twofish Divers Lembeh since 2007! Thanks go to Tom amd Karen for this wonderful image. This is their first sighting of this little guy, making this visit extra special for them.

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14 Apr / 2017
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Out-and-about with the Lembeh Mimic Octopus!New guests and returning guests alike were able to get out-and-about with the Lembeh Mimic Octopus at a number of dive sites. This amazing critter made a few appearances much to the delight of our guests Charlene, Adele and Aditya.
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New year critter madness in Lembeh2This past week has seen various celebrations and amazing critter spotting here in Lembeh, as well as a lot of fun and laughter.
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03 Jan / 2017

divemaster trainee Estella in Lembeh...I have spent this week of my Dive Master Training in Lembeh, and it has been a wonderful experience! I haven’t worn shoes since I’d arrived and I had 4 dives every day, so full of amazing creatures and spotting a hairy octopus and seeing a blue ring has made it the even better!
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update from Lembeh...It’s been a busy week here in Lembeh!
The dinner tables are almost at full capacity and we have a fantastic mix of guests. It’s lovely to spend the festive period with new friends from all across the globe, each with their own stories and experiences and of course, words of advice about diving and underwater exploration.
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