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25 May / 2015
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Black Is Back!!This week in lembeh…… Black Is Back!! Not to sound redundant but it is worth mentioning, This is the Second Black hairy frogfish seen this year! This rare color variation of the hairy frogfish is an incredible find. So far they have been seen nestled near big groups of fire urchins. Our guests didn’t know what to look at because 5 meters away a mimic octopus was swimming about as well!
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15 May / 2015
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New Dive boatThis week in Lembeh… We welcome new everything! To start we have finally received our new Fiberglass boat! The KM Karunia has joined us fresh out of the shop and after a few tweaks will be ready for use to lead our fleet.
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08 May / 2015
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Puff?….Puff?….Nah Pass…This week in Lembeh…. Puff?….Puff?….Nah Pass… One thing we do not lack here in the Lembeh strait diving is puffer fish. Like this juvenile star puffer fish they can come in an assortment of colors, patterns, and sizes. Ranging from <5cm to >100cm these slow and awkward fish have an odd method of defense. Though preferring to run away, puffer fish can inflate their bodies in attempt to become too large for a predator to eat. They do this by taking in  large amounts of water, or air if on the surface, which can increase their size by 2-3 times! This does put quite a lot of stress on the puffers body and in the case of inflating with air, can be very dangerous for the puffer. As with any marine creature it is very discouraged to harass them to prompt this behavior.  These cute and passive fish should be enjoyed by viewing from a distance, allowing them to enjoy a hassle free day.
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01 May / 2015
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Jaw Dropping GoodThis week in Lembeh….Even the critters think its Jaw Dropping Good! It’s been a busy week under water with things popping up all over the place and happy smiles from our diving guests. Even this hairy frogfish was shocked to see how good its been.  With a new wave of guests and a new Divemaster Trainee things around Lembeh Diving have been bustling with activity.

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25 Apr / 2015
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Earth day with Two Fish DiversThis Earth Day, all Two Fish dive centres took to the beach and to the oceans to clean up the amazing earth that we all live on.
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