Happy Fish

Happy FishThis week in Lembeh …. we have been cleaning up the oceans and leaving happy fish to enjoy cleaner waters. A Dive against debris organized by Georgia, as part of her DMT course,  got the whole resort including all guests involved in helping our oceans. It was a great success and we want to thank everyone that participated!

Pygmy Seahorses Wrecked…

ThPYGMY SEAHORSES WRECKED…is week in Lembeh… Pygmy Seahorses were just wrecked! Though it would be funny to see a drunk pygmy seahorse, they usually are just high on life but scattered throughout one of our shipwrecks. The Mawali wreck, an old Japanese cargo ship from the Second World War, has Bargibanti seahorses all over the place. That’s just one of many highlights that have got our guests asking to go.

Nudi New Years

Nudi New YearsThis week in Lembeh we welcomed in the New Year watching a flashy firework display. Likewise the waters have exploded with their own firework display in the form of Nudibranch’s. It’s been a Nudi New Years so far, everything from Pikachu to Malibeh to Warty to Solar, and every color under the sun.

Two Fish?  Two of everything!

Two Fish?  Two of everything!This week in Lembeh we have been living up to our name with not one, but two of everything from our guest critter wish list!  Some times we joke when people ask “Why the name Two Fish Divers” and we reply “Because we guarantee to show you at least two fish on every dive”!  This is not the real idea behind the name but it is true this week 😉