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08 Jan / 2016
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Starry Night Octopus and Starry Blennies in LembehDue to all the Starry Night Octopus and Starry Blennies in Lembeh this week, an old, classic Holiday tune was re-born. “O Starry Night, your Eyes are Brightly Shining…” I sang to myself as we watched a beautiful Starry Night Octopus dance across the reef during a night dive. Unlike many other varieties of octopus, which slip into the closest hole at the first sign of light, the Starry Night is rather intrigued by dive lights. (Click on the Two Fish website link to read more…)
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25 Dec / 2015
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interactive diving in Lembeh!
Have you ever glanced over at your dive buddy, only to notice a Remora stuck to their tank? This week diving in Lembeh, we were accosted by a small “gang” of Remoras who chased about from diver to diver, attempting to attach to fins, knee-pads, bellies and dive tanks! The Remoras would normally attach to larger fish, such as turtles and sharks, latching on for a free ride about the reef and feeding on the food scraps of their hosts. But for lack of larger animals in their immediate vicinity, the Remora’s attention turned to the divers!
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24 Dec / 2015
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Gio's Divemaster courseAlthough most of my Divemaster course in Bunaken is done, this week I had a chance to spend a few days at our sister resort in Lembeh.
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18 Dec / 2015
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all Critters have Eggs In LembehThis Week in Lembeh … all Critters have Eggs in Lembeh, and sometimes it takes a camera to spot them!

Have you ever reviewed your dive photos only to notice something in your photos that you completely missed in person? That is one of the many reasons I enjoy underwater photography so much: it allows you to see things post-dive that may not be easily apparent to the naked eye.

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11 Dec / 2015
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muck diving with Melibe in LembehThe muck diving in Lembeh revealed a variety of Melibe this week! While we were seeing Melibe viridis (Green Melibe Nudibranches) earlier in the year, this week we are seeing smaller, yet no less impressive varieties: The Melibe megaceras, Melibe engeli and the rare Melibe colemani.

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