orangutan crab

Orangutan Crab is a cool sighting in Bunaken

We see Orangutan crab or Achaeus japonicus quite regularly and they are always cool critters when they wave with their little claws. You find them usually in bubble coral or anemone’s. They have relatively longs arms and are reddish or brown and quite often have a bit of debris stuck on their hairy arms. We had a…


Winged pipefish on Gili Islands

This week, our dive guide Andy was proofing his ability to spot the smallest and most amazing creatures you can find here on the Gili Islands like winged pipefish, hairy shrimps, ghost pipefish and some amazing looking nudibranchs. And of course, the usual encounters with black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and some…

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Do you want to win a 4-night/6-dive free holiday in Bali including flights valued at USD$5,000!?!? It’s easy, all you need to do is complete one or more of the below qualifying PADI courses with us during 1st May – 31st August 2017 at any of our locations, and then you can enter the GetPADIWin…

Join us for wreck diving in Truk Lagoon!

We are  organising our first international Two Fish diving trip to offer you a fantastic 12 days of wreck diving in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia in November 2018! Truk Lagoon is simply the world’s best wreck diving. It is home to 60 WWII wrecks lying in depths of 20 – 70 metres. This trip is perfect…

The rise of the Giant Frogfish in North Lombok

Giant FrogfishThis week here on the Gili’s, North Lombok we have been seeing a rise in Giant Frogfish. The first spot we had was a few weeks ago at Hans Reef and then nothing, but then this week we had a spot of this black variation at Gili Meno slope followed by a Red variation at the Home Reef Gili Air! All of these being a fairly big size hiding with feather stars or sponges and on artificial reefs.

Pelagics and Wall Dives in North Gilis, Lombok


On Gili Air this week we have had our resident Mr Daniel Swahn still with us. Daniel is from Sweden and checked into Gili Air back on the 19th September and so far he has completed his Open Water Course, a few fun dives, Advanced course and is now onto his rescue. He is fully addicted and really has become a team member with us here at Divezone. Sadly he will be off to Gili Meno tomorrow for a few days but it is highly likely that he will be back.

White tip reef sharks in Gili Air, Lombok

White tips sharks in Gili Air

This week on the North Gili’s, Lombok we have been out every day on the boat we have managed to visit a variety of sites this week.

Diving around Gili Trawangan we often spot White tip reef sharks, black tips and Jacks. The white tip reef sharks around here are generally extremely lazy, we find them hanging out under rocks of slowly swimming around, which is great for those who like taking pictures as they can generally get a clear shot. As for the black tips and jacks they are a bit faster cruising around the reefs.

Giant Frogfish at Gili Air

Giant Frogfish at Gili Air In Gili Air this week … we found a Giant Frogfish at Gili Air again!! Well the last time it was a painted frogfish, and this time the colour was a faded purple/grey. Such a nice find as these odd shaped bottom dwellers tend to camouflage and hide a lot.

It was found on the dive site called Hans Reef where it was found chilling out on an artificial cage at 12 meters. This dive site is in the North Gilis, and this week the waves have frequently been big, limiting us to the North sites of all 3 Gili’s. This is not a bad thing as we have lovely sites up in the north with a variety of sea life, enough to make all divers of all levels happy!!!

Beginner divers in the North Gilis, Lombok

IMG_0829The North Gili’s this week we have had 6 Scuba Diver courses and plenty of Discover Scuba divers. Up here on Gili Air we get all sorts of travellers turning up from families on a long holiday to daily travellers going about Southeast Asia to couples and so on. Since opening here we have noticed a lot of beginner divers. It really is a great place to start as the currents are avoidable; we have crystal clear warm water and Turtles everywhere. The Scuba diver course is really a great introduction to diving and it allows you to continue and practice with professionals. It only takes 2 days which seems to be ideal for the people visiting the Gili islands.

Banded Snakes are back in the North Gilis

IMG_0578In the North Gilis, Lombok this week we have had a rise of the banded sea snake. We used to often see them around various dive sites up here but we have not spotted one for a few weeks now. This week at Frogfish point North Gili Air we have spotted 3 on different occasions. They are fairly fat beasts here not the usual slender banded sea snake, must be a lot of good food for them in this area.

New Pool in the North Gilis, Lombok


This week on the North Gilis, Lombok we have been christening our new pool! We started with a dip and swim, and then we had our first scuba try out with a couple from Belgium which lead onto a Discover scuba out at Turtle Heaven dive site north of Gili Meno. Yesterday we had our boat crew Zul and Harry, and our admin staff Mita in there for a skill session and swim about, what a bunch of fun we had with millions of pictures taken. It is a lovely feeling having a whole team together enjoying being underwater which is really what we are all about.