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02 Mar / 2015
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Bunaken reefThis week in Bunaken… Dugong o’hoy! Luke from Australia got a very nice surprise when he did some snorkelling on the dive site Muka, just in front of the Two Fish Divers resort. While enjoying the reef ledge something made him turn around and just a couple of meters behind him, a few meters down, swam a dugong!
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27 Feb / 2015
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We see babiesThis week in Lembeh….. We see babies …. Completely opposite to seeing dead people, we have been seeing the beginnings of life over here. Everything from Peacock Mantis shrimps with eggs to Flamboyant Cuttlefish eggs. This well proves life is always starting over here in the strait!

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25 Feb / 2015
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Tepekong and MimpangThis week in Lembongan… The adventure continues for new dive sites. Tepekong and Mimpang were this weeks targets. Noted in the Bali dive site book as; probably the most single most dangerous site in Bali and nicknamed the toilet because of the currents. Let the adventures begin. 
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23 Feb / 2015
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Red fang triggerfishThis week in Bunaken… This week we have had quite a few dawn dives going out as well as the years’ first day trip to Mantehage Island. The dawn dives proved once again that the early bird catches the worm and treated the divers to quite a few sharks, large barracudas and tunas hunting. 
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20 Feb / 2015
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Bland can be Beautiful??This week in Lembeh…. we say bland can be beautiful?? For such an amazing creature, the common seahorse’s (Hippocampus kuda) name does not do it justice. Our guest have seen plenty this week and still love everyone. As we have just passed Valentines day lets share a few fun romantic facts about the Seahorse.

-Seahorse mate for life.

-Courtship dances can last up to 8 hours.

-When in pairs they prefer to link tails and travel together.

-The male carries the eggs till they hatch.

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