Elise – End of The Divemaster Course

DMT Elise Week 4 - End of The Divemaster CourseGoodbye mola! Today I finished my divemasters with a really good last day! While mapping crystal bay a mola came by to wave goodbye to my instructor Gwen and me. The first half of my Divemaster was in Sanur, Bali mainland, where I started with 4 days of theory and skills practice in the pool with my instructor Reuben. During these days I learned that performing a skill and demonstrating one is a whole different story and how much control in diving I have left to gain.

PADI Specialty courses at Bunaken

SRWe have had a burst of specialty courses at Bunaken this week; our dive master in training Guillermo has been completing his Fish ID, underwater Naturalist, and Search and Recovery courses. He has been joined by Scott who arrived last week from Lembeh to start his Divemaster course, Scott has completed his Search and Recovery, Nitrox and Deep specialties and we have a guest from Belgium, Manu who joined in and has completed his Drift and Deep. Fair play guys for continuing with your dive education; though going on a certain final search and recovery dive there is still a bit of education to go! Luckily they are still with us for a few more weeks. Congratulations too go out to Ellen, also from Belgium, who completed her Open Water course with Dion.

Hammerheads in Belongas, South Lombok..Again!!!

P1070481Belongas, South Lombok this week…Hammer, Hammer, Hammerheads! The conditions have been calm with mild currents throughout the week and plenty yes plenty of beautiful Hammerheads both Scalloped and great ranging from 1.5 meters to 3.5 give or take….hard to tell without a tape measure and all of us were just blown away by the number of these magnificent fish. So graceful, so elegant, so lucky we were.

Blue Ringed Octopus on Night Dive in Lembongan

Blue Ringed Octopus on Night Dive in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Some of our guests decided to finish their stay with a night dive in Lembongan Bay and had the chance to see a blue-ringed octopus! Mijin, from South Korea, who was doing her Advanced Open Water Course with Gwen, changed all her plan when she heard about the chance to do a night dive and also convinced Elise (Dive Master in training) to come for her first night dive. 

Long nose hawkfish in Bunaken

longnose hawkfish in BunakenThere are many unsung heroes on our reefs, one of my favourites is the long nose hawkfish in Bunaken, and its not often you manage to get two of them in a frame. Of course everyone likes to see the big stuff, turtles, sharks, rays and other big pelagics; and you have the other end of the spectrum where divers love the hunt looking for smaller and smaller shrimps and other critters.