New Diving Adventures Belongas, South Lombok

Divers getting ready for a new Diving Adventure in Belongas, South LombokThis week in Belongas, South Lombok we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second boat for the famous dive sites down here in South Lombok. The boat is from Vidar the owner of Pangang Villas situated in Pangang bay at the very south tip of south Lombok. In this location are 3 self-catering villas, plenty of space, magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and the two Dive sites that everyone comes here to see “The Magnet” and “Gili Sarang”. Our first customers are a group of 5 from Singapore setting out for exploration tomorrow morning!!

Dirty Mantas coming in for a clean.

Manta Ray being cleaned in a cleaning stationThis Week in Bali, it seems like the cleaning station at Manta point has a lot of dirty Mantas coming in for a clean.

It almost feels like being in a manta soup when you have 7-8 manta rays circling around the cleaning station at Nusa Penida, all of them coming in to get rid of their little parasites that make a great meal for the hungry little cleaner wrasse that call the cleaning station at Manta Point their home.

Harlequin Shrimp Shine

Harlequin Shrimp Shine.This week in Lembeh….. Harlequin Shrimp Shine. For those that enjoy shrimp, Lembeh is a fantastic place to see more than just a few species. Our lucky divers can agree with these Harlequin Shrimp as part of the proof. Our guides found these two ready to chow down on top of a blue sea star. Other types being seen have been Tiger shrimp, Hairy Shrimp, Mantis Shrimp, Skeleton Shrimp, and the list goes on.

Great Diving During Divemaster Course in Lembongan

Great Diving While During Divemaster Course in LembonganThe first fortnight of my DM training as come to a close, along with my time on Nusa Lembongan. It’s with mixed feelings that I head to Two Fish on Bunaken to continue the course: excitement at experiencing new dive sites and working with different instructors yet a sadness in saying goodbye to the fantastic team here, just as I had begun to settle in and get to know everyone and how things work.

Lionfish, South Gili Lombok

Lionfish or Pterois, also called zebrafish is characterized by conspicuous warning colorationg with red, white, creamy, or black bands, showy pectoral fins, and venomous spiky fin rays.

Last week in Lombok south gili we saw lionfish; white and pink pygmy seahorse; frogfish; different kind of nudibranch ; orang utan crap;   swarm of sardines; turtle, whitetip reefshark; marble ray; blue spotted stingray; and many more!

Mystery fish in Lembongan

TMystery fish in Lembonganhis week in Lembongan… After a nice day out diving in Crystal Bay, JP came back and tried to find out what kind of fish he saw. His description was very precise: tail like a sweetlips with a white finishing at the end of the tail, the fish was blueish, swimming off the reef out in the blue, body a bit like a grouper and about 70 cm long. Ok, fish books out and start searching. Even Tina, who was here from Bunaken, was getting involved in solving the mystery. This is what we came up with:

Picking fights with boxer crabs

picking fights with boxer crabsThis week in Bunaken… Dive guide Oke learned that attitude sometimes comes in small packages and that you should not pick fights with boxer crabs. During a dive Oke found a very pretty boxer crab that he pointed out to his divers. Normally boxer crabs are quite elusive and shy, but not this guy! He raised his little pom-poms (which actually are anemones held in their claws) and rushed towards Oke’s finger! Anyone ever been stung by an anemone know to stay clear of them and Oke quickly withdrew his finger. His divers got a good laugh, cause how can anyone be scared of a crab with pom-poms, right!? Thank you Phil Clarke for the great photo!

A Paddle Flap Immerges!

A Paddle Flap Immerges!This week in Lembe….. A Paddle Flap Immerges! Our first Rhinopia encounter this year was with what we think is known as a “False Rhinopia” or “Hipposcorpaena Filamentosa”. This time a Paddle-flap Scorpionfish  or “Rhinopias Eschmeyeri” has popped up to say hello. These are a popular find in the photography world so lets hope it stays around.

Marbeled shrimp, south gilis Lombok

Marbled Shrimp from dive sites in South Gili's, LombokMarbled shrimp or broken-back Shrimp occur worldwide in almost every habitat, from sea water to fresh water and can be found all over the reef. They are generally respected by other creatures, often sharing burrows and holes and working as housekeepers. They will wave their antennae around to attract customers, they then proceed to clean outside and inside the creatures mouths and gills.

Helena 1 – New Adventures on Divemaster Course in Lembongan

Helena 1 - New Adventures on Divemaster Course in LembonganThe last two weeks of my PADI divemaster training in Lembongan has been truly amazing. I have barely seen such a variety of dive sites that can be explored all from just one dive center!

One day the boat could be heading north to one of the sites with beautiful corals, an abundance of reef fish as well as the occasional turtle and on the next day the boat may head south to find the mantas, the seahorse at crystal bay and if lucky also a mola mola.

Mama dugong and baby!

Mama dugong and baby!This week in Bunaken… Judith from the UK and dive guide Opel got a very pleasant surprise when they came across a mama dugong and her baby during a dive at Ron’s Point! Judith and Opel had been to Fukui, where the rest of the divers on the boat were diving, the day before so they chose to go to Ron’s Point instead which is right next to Fukui.

Mobular rays on every dive in Belongas

This week in Belongas … we have an outstanding amount of Redtooth trigger fish, sea cobras, nudibranchs, white tip reef sharks and eagle rays but this week its been the mobula rays that have made diving special as they have been counted on every dive. The school’s have been up to 60 rays and at minimum 35. Mobula rays look extremely similar to manta rays but the difference is in their mouths and cephalic fins (head fins). Mobula rays cephalic fins are just a flap whereas mantas fins unravel to form a much larger paddle like structure.

Hairy Mania in Lembeh!

Hairy Mania!This Week in Lembeh…… we have had Hairy Mania! One tends to wonder, why must there be a hairy version of everything? Well…. Why not? Like the minute Hairy Shrimp, usually too small to see features with the naked eye, this version of shrimp is a great challenge for the macro photographer. Often looking like nothing more than a tiny piece of fluff, our guides have a special knack for picking out these odd little critters. To join these guys we have also been seeing hairy frogfish, hairy octopus, hairy gobies, and hairy ghostpipefish.