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03 Aug / 2015
Author: Ina Tags: , , Comments: 2

Thresher shark for PADI Open Water studentsThis week in Bunaken… PADI Open Water students Katharina and Johannes from Germany got an exceptional treat during their open water dive 3 when a large thresher shark came cruising up from the depths to have a closer look at them! Thresher sharks are deep water sharks that sometimes come up to shallow cleaning stations to get parasites and dead skin removed by cleaner fish.
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02 Aug / 2015
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Diving with Sharks in Belongas Ba, South LombokSouth Lombok, Belongas….We seem to have a community of white tip reef sharks. At out famous dive site “The Magnet” which is a pinnacle that peaks out the surface with a lighthouse on it, slopes down to 65 meters at one point and has a hangover stretching around 10-15 meters long and 6 meters deep.
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01 Aug / 2015
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Mola Mola Diving Season in BaliThis week in Bali our guest were visited by a giant from the deep. They got to see 1 mola-mola and 8 mantas on their trip to Nusa Penida.
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31 Jul / 2015
Author: Luke Tags: , Comments: 3

Ghost Pipefish whilst diving in Lembeh.This week in Lembeh… Ghost Pipefish get Pink. A lesser known and seen ghost pipefish has been spotted early this week. The rarer Velvet Ghost Pipefish was seen buy our lucky guests, posing for photos. It can come in a white, pink, or red color variation which along side their body shape, help it to blend in with the coral.
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30 Jul / 2015
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Lionfish or Pterois, also called zebrafish is characterized by conspicuous warning colorationg with red, white, creamy, or black bands, showy pectoral fins, and venomous spiky fin rays.

Last week in Lombok south gili we saw lionfish; white and pink pygmy seahorse; frogfish; different kind of nudibranch ; orang utan crap;   swarm of sardines; turtle, whitetip reefshark; marble ray; blue spotted stingray; and many more!
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