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05 Jun / 2016
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Giant morays in North Lombok

This week in the North Gilis, Lombok the wind and waves have picked up over the last two days but the diving has continued. The visibility is ranging from 8-15 meters.

The north gilis are known for their island life from a nice relaxed holiday to a party time on gili Trawangan, but the diversity of sea life is also something to be famous for. We have been bumping into a lot of moray eels this week, especially the giant morays. We often find them peaking out of rocks and corals and when we are truly lucky we can find them in action on their hunt for food. The Giant morays here come in all shapes and sizes partnered with relatives from the snowflake morays, white eyed morays, garden and ribbon eels, and the fibrillated morays.
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03 Jun / 2016
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Frogfish Frenzy in Lembeh It has been a Frogfish Frenzy in Lembeh this week! From big to small, from Hairy to Warty, from orange to black, and mated to single, I think we’ve seen a bit of it all! It hasn’t been only the variety of Frogfish that has impressed our Two Fish divers, but also the behaviors. Many of the Frogfish have been very active, awkwardly moving about the reef, chasing one another, chasing our divers (true story!), yawning and luring. Once again, Lembeh proves to be a Frogfish paradise!

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01 Jun / 2016
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The Green Water has Gone and The Clear Water is Back In LembonganThis week in Lembongan… The strange green waters of the past weeks has finally cleared and we are back to the standard, 20 meters visibility that Lembongan is common for.  Even the manta dive sites have cleared up with the average visibility being around 15 meters over the last few days. 
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29 May / 2016
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The magnet has been showing us what she is made ofThe magnet has been showing us what she is made of this week. As you may know the magnet is a challenging dive site where only the more experienced divers may go but under the water she hides some of the best diving, hammer heads. White tip reef sharks barracudas, tunas, jacks and every know and then somthing extra special.
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28 May / 2016
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Try Dives with Gili AirThis week in Gili Air, North Lombok we have been cracking on with our free try dives in the swimming pool at Villa Karang, Gili Air. We have been in the water all week with beginners, as well as offering refreshers for divers that have been out of diving for a year or two.
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