Lembeh is where Frogfish shine!

Frogfish Diving LembehThis week in Lembeh…. Lembeh is where Frogfish shine! Like this Juvenile Painted Frogfish, they have been popping up everywhere lately. Hairy, Giant, Painted, Warty, all have been making an appearance. Always a favorite with divers the frogfish come is all sorts of colours, markings and sizes. They often blend in quite well with their surroundings, but not always…. Sometimes they really stand out. Makes you think “Who are you trying to fool!?” While fishing, sleeping, yawning or doing anything else, slow and steady is the case with them. Rarely will they be in a rush for anything.


Lembeh’s Nudibranchs

bunaken nudibranchThis week in Bunaken… We have had a nudilicious time here in Bunaken this week! With nice and calm conditions and not much current to speak of it was easy for the guides and guests to take their time and find plenty of amazing, colourful and rare nudibranchs hiding in the cracks and crevices on the reef. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)

We Sea–Horses!

Sea Horse in Lembeh Strait, MonadoThis week in Lembeh…… We Sea–Horses! Recently a fairly common site our guests have been noticing are the abundance of Seahorses around the strait. From the tiny Pygmy to the much much larger Common Seahorse, they can come in all sorts of forms. The Pygmy’s can range from brown to yellow to pink/purple they ranging from 1cm-3cm. Where as the Common and thorny seahorses regularly range from 17cm-20cm. Unfortunately they are highly prized in the aquarium trade which adds to the rarity to see them in their natural habitat. Though at the moment spotting them here isn’t difficult.

Diving Deep Into The Blue

Diving Belongas Bay in South LombokBelongas, South Lombok is known for its big waves, deep waters, strong surge and strong currents in season. Now most of us divers have always believed that strong currents equal big fish! Usually this is the case. This week however we have had calm surfaces, light surge, next to nothing with currents and a water temperature of 27ºC. Yet it has been a week of everything we could possibly want and far from what was expected at this time of year.

Who you calling a shrimp?!

Mantis Shrimp in LembehThis week in Lembeh…. All shrimps aren’t “Shrimps”. As I’m sure the Giant Mantis Shrimp think, “ Who you calling a shrimp?! ” Something we have a bountiful amount of here in the strait is shrimp. They come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. For example the whip coral shrimp is only about 1 cm, compared to the Giant Mantis Shrimp who’s eye alone can be larger than 1.5cm. Even if there is little to find on a dive, one can guarantee shrimp. The variety of shrimp in the area can keep a diver and photographer coming back for more.

Clear, Colourful and calm- Belongas Bay

Diving in Belongas Bay, South LombokThis week here in Belongas, south lombok we have been experiencing big waves, moderate currents and superb yes superb visibility! The schools of Barracudas have stayed with us again all this week ranging from 150-200 in each. They have been spotted circulating the reefs at 3 dives sites. Having the visibility so clear this week has meant that throughout the whole dives the barracudas have been clear and part of the group.

A week of game fish

A week of game fishThis week in Bunaken… Divers have been spoiled this week with plenty of encounters of large game fish. Schools of big eye trevallies and yellow fin tunas have cruised by as well as massive dog tooth tunas, great barracudas and giant trevallies. All this activity has also made the reef fish more on the edge and it’s a quite impressive thing to watch when hundreds of red fang trigger fish get startled and in unison swoops down to the reef with a big ‘SWOOOSH’. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)

Cheerleading Lembeh Style!

Cheerleading Lembeh Style!This week in Lembeh…. This is Cheerleading Lembeh Style! We have been seeing our own versions of pom pom wielding cheerleaders in our waters. The cute yet elusive Boxer crab (Lybia) is a type of small crab from the Xanthidae family. They are most recognizable from the pom pom like anemones they carry in their claws. Though very shy our guides have a knack for finding these small guys.

Indian Oceans big beauties at Belongas, Lombok

Diving Belongas Bay in South LombokThe full moon has come and gone this week leaving us with a fairly calm surface and currents next to nothing. This has not meant that all our big beauties of the ocean have disappeared alongside with them. On our dives out in Belongas Bay, South Lombok this week we have been lucky enough to encounter groups of white tip reef sharks, at least four each time. Some gracefully chilling out in the blue next to reef while other’s were spotted taking it easy under an overhang.

Cephalopod sensation!

Cephalopod sensation in BunakenThis week in Bunaken… The divers got a cephalopod sensation this week when they ended up among freshly hatched octopus and cuttlefish. During a dive over at the mainland, ‘the muck diving of Bunaken‘, Benita and Janine from Australia all of a sudden found themselves among heaps of tiny little octopus swimming around in the water as well as several baby cuttlefish hiding in the stag horn coral. It is all about being in the right place at the right time! (Photo: Phil Clarke)

Black Is Back!!

Black Is Back!!This week in lembeh…… Black Is Back!! Not to sound redundant but it is worth mentioning, This is the Second Black hairy frogfish seen this year! This rare color variation of the hairy frogfish is an incredible find. So far they have been seen nestled near big groups of fire urchins. Our guests didn’t know what to look at because 5 meters away a mimic octopus was swimming about as well!