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12 May / 2014
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10 turtles in one dive

THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN…….the turtles have been out in force again with 10 turtles in one dive in Bunaken! Bunaken is generally quieter this week with uncrowded dive sites. The seas are still flat, but the rain is back for a shower around lunchtime and drying up before the afternoon dive.


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09 May / 2014
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THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH…  We found a Sargassum Frogfish at Hairball hiding in a piece of trash!  Normally these are found floating with seagrass just under the surface and we often see them from the shore at the resort when cleaning up surface debris, so this was an unusual to find one completely underwater!
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07 May / 2014
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Manta Rays, Mola Molas and Sharks in LembonganTHIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN………  Manta Rays, Mola Molas and sharks in Lembongan, have been apart of our exciting encounters! Everyone over the last week from, discover scuba divers to experienced divers, have had the chance to dance with these giants. Even getting close enough to snap this perfect Manta Ray Identification photo.

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05 May / 2014
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Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse in Bunaken by Vanessa

THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN…….. the Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses are back! Plus we have been seeing many reefs sharks so they are back as well! Dry Season weather has arrived and it has been warm and flat seas, but we will see next week if it is here to stay.

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02 May / 2014
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FLAMBOYANT CUTTLEFISH IN LEMBEHThis week in Lembeh we’ve seen quite a few TINY Flamboyant Cuttlefish which must mean that some of the eggs that we’ve been seeing on several sites have hatched!  We’ve been seeing plenty of adults in the past weeks but it’s a real treat to see the freshly hatched ones too!

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