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23 Jan / 2016
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Equipment Servicing time in Nusa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… With the low season settling in and the crazy rush of high season just a memory from last year, it is time to start preparing for coming high season. This means it is equipment servicing time in Lembongan!

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23 Jan / 2016
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varieties of coral in BaliThis week in Bali: its amazing what a variety you can find in the coral in Bali, besides just the variety you can also find some fascinating coral structures all around bali and the Nusa Penida and Lembongan areas.
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22 Jan / 2016
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How to dive on walls - Two Fish Divers

How to dive on walls – Two Fish Divers

One of the mainstays of Bunaken’s spectacular diving are its dramatic walls, often dropping away to far more than 100 meters, sometimes featuring ledges, overhangs and small caverns. They’re a fantastic playground for beginners and experienced divers alike. Especially for newbies, though, the topography might be a little daunting, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you enjoy your wall dives more.

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20 Jan / 2016
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Lombok 2009

Learning scuba diving in South Lombok is a once-in-a-lifetime treat, and what a place to learn with our sloping reefs and amazing corals and abundance of marine life. This week in Sekotong the waters have been clear and the fish are showing there beautiful colours, we have had many sightings including a whole range of nudibranches, broad clubbed cuttle fish, common octopus, skeleton shrimp, hawks bill turtles, moray eels, clear cleaner shrimps, giant frog fish.

This week we had Steph and John from Germany here doing there open water course and we had an amazing  time under water with practicing skills, finding fish and floating about.On our surface breaks we had a good laugh with the dive guides who also joined us on the boat sharpening there skills and playing games like jumping and throwing each other off the boat.I would just like to say a big congratulations to steph and john and welcome them in to the diving world.

Its been a big week for training with Pauline and Valentino also doing there open water course and a big congratulations goes to them to for completing it. Pauline, Valentino and my self had an amazing experience on one dive with a very active Cuttle fish who showed us every colour under the sun and then went on to give us a demonstration of his hunting skills along with a whole host of unbelievable marine life.

Weather has been really hot this week with 20 meters visibility and warm calm waters. Come join us for pristine visibility, excellent tropical weather and stunning scuba diving in South Lombok!

20 Jan / 2016
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Great visibility in Lembongan Island with clear waterThis week in Nusa Lembongan… It is meant to be the wet season and in the past, January and February are months when the rains come, but not this year. We have had some very hot sunny days and with no rain, it means that the water has been super clear this week. We have had an average visibility of  20 meters at most of our dive sites. 
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