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13 May / 2016
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An encounter with a Mimic Octopus in Lembeh is bound to Enchant and Fascinate Whether you are a first timer or have been here numerous times before, an encounter with a Mimic Octopus in Lembeh is bound to enchant and fascinate you! The Mimic Octopus was named after its unique ability to imitate venomous animals, providing it with some semblance of defense in an otherwise soft and tasty, defenseless body. Discovered only 15 years ago, the Mimic Octopus created quite a stir in the scientific community for being the first of its kind to go beyond traditional camouflage as a form of defense.
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11 May / 2016
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padi instructor course in lembongan

It has been a busy week with life-changing adventures for the 8 candidates doing our PADI Instructor Development Course in Lembongan. Over the last week and a bit, these 8 candidates have been working hard to get themselves prepared for becoming PADI instructors. Today is the first day of the PADI Instructor Exam, Mikko, Tristan, Flora, Nicole, Prashanti, Rhome , Sherrine and Matteo are all prepared for the two days of exams. 
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09 May / 2016
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Orangutans in BunakenAre we teaching orang-utans to dive underwater in Bunaken? Not just yet, but we’ve been spotting plenty of orangutan crabs (picture by Alex Schade) this week. And what a busy time it has been, thanks to an Indonesian bank holiday. Instructors and dive guides got plenty of in-water time and all of our boats were called on, too. The result? Lots of smiling divers and many congratulations all around as we’re adding more certified divers to the underwater world.

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08 May / 2016
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This week on the Gilis, north Lombok we did our first night dive on our house reef just in front of Villa Kerang, and what a fantastic new experience for us, not just for the student Firdaus but myself included. The night dive was led by our instructor Kuss, a local instructor that has been working on these islands for at least 15 years. 
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07 May / 2016
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jukung3The big news from Amed this week is we can now offer you 3 different styles of diving entries. You may or may not know that many of the dive entry in Amed & Tulamben can be done as shore dives. With decent facilities on land, easy entries and exits and often not too much current, this often makes sense. Other than that nearly all centres are limited to using Jukungs – the local fishing boats. In traditional outrigger style, this is definitely the most authentic way to travel at sea here, but it is not necessarily the most comfortable. So we’re pleased to announce our third option.

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