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26 Jun / 2016
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Shrimp paradise in Lombok

This week in the North Gilis, Lombok we had Jacqui Join us from the UK. It was an absolute pleasure diving with her, we visited the sites called: “Turtle Heaven”, “Bounty Wreck”, “Shark point” and “Bat Fish Point”. Jacqui is a diver just like me, extra slow and hunting for macro. We knew that here in the north gili’s there is a lot to see from the bigger sea life to the small stuff but in those 2 days I was surprised to see such a vast amount of macro.

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24 Jun / 2016
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Interested in seeing a variety of Octopus in Lembeh? Interested in seeing a variety of Octopus in Lembeh? The best way to catch the most variety is to vary your dive schedule. The morning dives are the best time to see Reef, Mimic and Coconut Octopus. Mimic Octopus sightings are well sought after due to the animal’s unique ability to imitate venomous animals when threatened. The Mimic Octopus plays an amazing game of charades and can convincingly mimic venomous Lionfish, Banded Sea Snakes and Banded Soles in its attempt to scare off potential predators. And though it is our most commonly encountered Octopus, the Coconut Octopus is not to be dismissed! The right individual can be endless entertainment as it plays peek-a-boo and shows off it’s attachment issues as it runs across the reef holding a house of shells or coconut husk!
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22 Jun / 2016
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Manta Rays are Back in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… For those that have been keeping up with our blogs from Lembongan, you will know that a few weeks ago, the big waves kept us from getting to the manta dive sites and then last week, the waves dropped down, but there was a lack of manta rays. The great news is, the manta rays are back in Manta Bay and Manta Point!
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19 Jun / 2016
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PADI Women's Dive Day with Two Fish DiversIn 2015 PADI launched the PADI Women’s Dive Day event. It was met with a great response worldwide with events going on in over 65 countries, and PADI have decided to repeat PADI Womens’s Dive Day in 2016 on the 16th July.

Two Fish Divers have decided to participate by making some special offers across all of our locations, so remember 16-07-16 not as Barbie’s measurements but as the date of PADI Women’s Dive Day 2016 and read on to find out more about it.
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19 Jun / 2016
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Lombok 2009This week in the North Gili’s, Lombok our water has finally calmed down. We had a good week of big waves, strong currents and visibility of 10-15 meters. For the diving it was fun as we just flew across the reefs but when it came to parking the boat to offload divers and equipment there we found the challenge. The past few days have been back to crystal clear, calm water with plenty of marine life filling the reefs.

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