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10 Aug / 2016
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Sara tells you about dive master courseGoing into my sixth week of the divemaster course. Time flies when you are having fun! ? I’m happy with the choice of spreading the course over 8 weeks. It increased the amount of experience I earned by having time to do fun dives where I am able to learn from the dive guides or to guide several dives myself.
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08 Aug / 2016
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Amed dive sitesThis week, Two Fish Divers explore new areas around Amed. Our return guest Anna and the experienced diver Trevor joined the journey. The chance for us to discover new dive sites and new creatures such like a Rhinopia scorpionfish !

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07 Aug / 2016
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The North Gilis, Lombok this week we have had a big…actually that’s not the word, a humongous surprise. We saw a Scalloped Hammerhead, yes indeed a Hammerhead! the other day he was cruising along Manta Point on the south side of Gili Trawangan.
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05 Aug / 2016
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Flasher Wrasse Fever hits Lembeh!It’s not often that a guest is able to show an experienced dive guide something new in Lembeh, but leave it to John Hoover to take on that challenge! Hoover, the authoritative word on Hawaiian fish and critter life, brought Flasher Wrasse Fever to Lembeh this week as he shared his excitement for this beautiful animal at meals, on the boat, and underwater. Who knew that Nudi Falls is teeming with one of the most beautiful fish in the sea? Not a single one of us at Two Fish Lembeh! We were too busy scanning the weeds and rubble for hidden wonders such as Rhinopias, cryptic Frogfish and tiny Nudibranch to notice the plethora of Flashers chasing about.
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29 Jul / 2016
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ThiGili Air busy with PADI coursess week, instructors Kate and Kuss have been so busy with PADI courses they needed a little support from centre manager George, who didn’t hesitate a second and swapped spreadsheets for scuba kit. The reward? Whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, batfish, frogfish and so much more.

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