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22 Dec / 2015
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Dugong sighting in BunakenAdmittedly, there’s no Dugong in this picture, but we did see Dugongs from the surface this week in Bunaken!

Heading out for our first dive a few mornings ago at high tide, our boat was crossing the shallow reef plate when when our dive guides spotted what looked like a large grey ‘mass’ moving across the reef. Slowing down and drifting closer, all of our divers spotted the so-called ‘sea cow’ playing in about two meters of water. We stayed and watched for a few minutes more.
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20 Dec / 2015
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IMG_2012Belongas, South Lombok this week we have been fortunate again to bump into the magnificent Mobula Rays. It is the end of the season and the Mobula rays have not been seen for a few weeks and for some reason they decided to show their faces again.

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18 Dec / 2015
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all Critters have Eggs In LembehThis Week in Lembeh … all Critters have Eggs in Lembeh, and sometimes it takes a camera to spot them!

Have you ever reviewed your dive photos only to notice something in your photos that you completely missed in person? That is one of the many reasons I enjoy underwater photography so much: it allows you to see things post-dive that may not be easily apparent to the naked eye.

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16 Dec / 2015
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Turtle Time in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Turtles have been cruising by our divers and giving them a little wave. There are a lot of divers that have the turtle at the top of there list of things to see under the water and Lembongan is a great location to spot them. 
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14 Dec / 2015
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We knew the week was off to a good start in lovely Bunaken when we were surprised by a pod of dolphins swimming and playing on the surface. While it is not uncommon to see dolphins in Bunaken, it is always a welcome treat!Dolphins in Bunaken playing underwater

Returning from what had already been a great dive on the sloping wall of Sachiko, filled with turtles and Napoleon wrasse, we had just settled in for the journey back to the dive centre when our guest Mark spotted them from the bow of the boat.

About 100 meters ahead, at least 20 dolphins were breaching the surface. We cruised closer and the pod started coming towards the boat and spent a good 15 minutes just playing around the bow, racing the boat and breaching the surface. Quite a magical experience!

More dolphins kept playing nearby. After a while they seemed to have had enough and started swimming off. Our captain revved the engines and back they came. The race was on! Spurred on by the speed of the boat, ‘our’ dolphins started racing each other and the boat for a few more minutes. Simply and amazing way to end a morning’s diving!

Watch this space on Facebook, we’ll be posting a bit of video footage in the next few days.

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