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15 Jun / 2016
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Large Waves Effect LembonganThis week in Lembongan, the coast line of Nusa Lembongan and the south coast of Nusa Penida have been hit hard by days of big waves. It was great news for surfers, who had the chance to experience some pretty large reef breaks but not so nice for some of the local sea facing shops. Diving still went on as normal, we were just unable to go to the manta sites and we had to load / unload the boat on a more protected side of the island.

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13 Jun / 2016
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Dive against debris off Bunaken IslandDive against Debris on our adopted dive site Muka Kampung off Bunaken Island.

We have done many beach and underwater clean ups before but this week we had our first ‘dive against debris’ on our adopted dive site Muka Kampung in front of Bunaken village.

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13 Jun / 2016
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IMG_1713It’s been a week of dive training here in south Lombok with some of the new Admin coming down from up north. The three of them came out for a DSD with myself on gili layar and we had great time, at first there were  lots of flapping and a few scared faces but after we got down they loved it so much so that it was very hard to get them out.
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12 Jun / 2016
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Open water divers with Two Fish

At the Gilis, Gili Air North Lombok this week, we had our first Open water divers that came out from a try dive!!

Katie and Mike from the UK were by the pool relaxing as I approached offering a free scuba try out. They said they had always wanted to try but never had the chance and were a bit scared. So in the pool we went with the basic knowledge and a briefing on what we will do. Both were brilliant, no problems at all. 
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10 Jun / 2016
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Bobbit Worm sightings on Lembeh night divesBobbit Worm sightings in Lembeh night dives are not uncommon, but this week’s Bobbit Worm sighting was ridiculously cool! Our guests came across two different Bobbit Worms that were both spewing white gunk into the water column. Thinking it was a defense mechanism, the divers were annoyed that it “screwed up their photo opportunity”. Little did they know, these Bobbit Worms were spawning, which is an extremely rare sight in Lembeh! Bobbit Worms are broadcast spawners, which means that Bobbit Worms release their sperm and eggs into the water column all at the same time, resulting in successful fertilization within the water column (rather than within the animal).

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