Big fish and macro at the same time in Bunaken

big-and-small-in-bunaken-v2THIS WEEK IN BUANKEN…have you ever had a dive where you saw both a big fish and macro at the same time? A couple of our guests, John and James, had one of those moments as they turned around after looking at a nice pygmy seahorse to immediately see a reef shark. Although they have been visiting Bunaken over the past ten years, this was their first double-take of finding something so small and then be immediately confronted with something so big!


BLUE RINGED OCTOPUS MAKES A COMEBACK!THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH… The Blue Ringed Octopus makes a comeback!  We usually find in Lembeh  that Blue Ringed Octopus are either abundant or rarely spotted ( this is to do with their life cycle), and at the moment we have been experiencing the latter… The combination of fewer Blue Ringed Octopus and their superb camouflage make them much harder to find… But not this week!  We had a few “orders” for Blue Rings this week from our guests and all were fulfilled!

Mantas and Mojitos in Lembongan

Mantas and Mojitos in LembonganMantas and Mojitos in Lembongan


A week full of Mantas and an evening with mojitos. Poseidon has calmed the roaring seas in the south to provide us with excellent conditions to head to the two Manta spots every day this week.

The experience for some guest was so moving that they requested to go again the next day and the next day. Sightings reaching 10 mantas in one dive and a total of 40+ through the week.

With all these sightings of mantas through the week, lots of videos and photos were taken and have been handed over to Aquatic Alliance (the manta research program here in Lembongan)


Clown Frogfish in Bunaken

clown frogfish in bunaken THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……… we found a clown frogfish in Bunaken, who says they are only in Lembeh! The weather has been really good and we have had visibility of 25m and more, maybe this is why we have been seeing lots of bigger things like Napoleon wrasse, Baracuda, Whitetip and Blacktip reef sharks, Eagle rays, Yellowfin & Dog-tooth Tuna, and schools of Big-eye Trevaly and Batfish.

Octopus come out to play in Lembongan



THIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN…… Randy, one of our professional dive guides, has had the lucky wandering eye this week, picking out the rare juvenile Scorpion Leaf Fish, quite a few turtles and a large octopus out for a swim. We have also seen Nudibranchs, Candy Crabs, Porcelain Crabs and Orang Utan Crabs.

We have had some quite spectacular waves on the south side of the island which has only enhanced the excitement and adventure of finding Manta Rays. With many of our guest cursing the waves to spot the beautiful giants while snorkel. One trip was lucky enough to encounter 7 Manta Rays at Manta Bay.