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19 Apr / 2016
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IMG_1454This week in South Lombok, we had a strange visitor to the dive center as he wondered across the road and straight through the gates and we have not been able to work out what he is. We have checked all the fish books we have and have come to the conclusion that he is a shrimp lobster.
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18 Apr / 2016
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Mola-Mola and Dugong in BunakenIt’s been a very lucky week for sighting big stuff in Bunaken with Mola-Molas and Dugongs being seen by our guests. In fact, one lucky open water diver student saw not one, but two Molas right at the end of her very first open water dive! How do you top that?

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17 Apr / 2016
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In the North Gili’s, Lombok this week once again we have been swarmed with Turtle’s. It is almost 99% guaranteed that you will bump into at least one on a day trip of two dives. Usually we spot from 5 mixed hawksbill and Green Turtles to what can be 20 individuals.

The North Gili’s have something for everybody, from beginners who all they want is to see their first turtle to pro’s with camera’s wanting a bit more macro or a little more challenging dives with currents.
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16 Apr / 2016
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A Fascinating Variety of Phyllodesmium Nudibranchs in Lembeh

Phyllodesmium longicirrum with symbiotic Emperor Shrimp

We have been seeing a fascinating variety of Phyllodesmium Nudibranchs when diving in Lembeh this week. This beautiful and widely varying species of nudibranch is commonly referred to as “Solar-Powered” because of its unique relationship to the algae it ingests.
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14 Apr / 2016
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Technical diving Bali with Two Fish Tech!

Technical diving baliTwo Fish Tech is expanding into Amed, Bali so we can now offer technical diving in Bali! We will be offering technical diving courses and technical diving from our base in Amed, whilst our Bunaken base will remain available to qualified technical divers for guided decompression diving.

We will be based in the north-east of Bali within Two Fish Divers’ brand-new dive centre in Amed and, although we will not be starting operations until June 2016, we are taking bookings for courses and diving now.

Here are five reasons why you should come diving with our tech team in Amed.
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