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06 Oct / 2014
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pilot whalesThis week in Bunaken…. Our divers on Bunaken have been super lucky to spot both a whale shark and a pod of pilot whales during the surface intervals of the two morning dives! The whale shark came very near to the Bethlehem boat on Sunday to show off to our divers while they were de-kitting. Then just this morning there was a large pod of pilot whales swimming just along the front of our boat Sylvia – one pilot whale was so huge and curious, he just hung out next to the boat with our divers looking on!

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03 Oct / 2014
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Two Fish?  Two of everything!This week in Lembeh we have been living up to our name with not one, but two of everything from our guest critter wish list!  Some times we joke when people ask “Why the name Two Fish Divers” and we reply “Because we guarantee to show you at least two fish on every dive”!  This is not the real idea behind the name but it is true this week ;) 
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01 Oct / 2014
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Go With The FlowThis Week In Lembongan…. The diving style in Lembongan is somewhat like the life of a jellyfish. With the currents, we move like a jelly fish, rhyme don’t mean nothing, we just go with the flow.


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29 Sep / 2014
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shipwreck in bunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN… the ShipWreck dive was really nice with great viz and almost no current, so it was good dive for all the divers. This shipwreck has lot of life growing on it and supports many fish, such as a super cool Mappa Pufferfish sitting on the deck and greeting divers. Even after a few photo’s were taken of him he still did not move away, instead giving just a little waving to say hi. On the reef side of the wreck also had lot of cool little encounters like juvenile sweetlip, mantis shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish and scorpion fish.
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27 Sep / 2014
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Hairy Octopus - Guests spoiled by amazing crittersWhen people say to us “Don’t show us any more Hairy Octopus” you know it’s been a great week of diving in Lembeh!  This week in Lembeh our guests have been spoiled by the amazing critters coming out to play with the highlight being several sightings of Hairy Octopus and Velvet Ghost Pipefish.
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