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29 Feb / 2016
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beautiful white ornate ghostpipe fishThis week in South Lombok … we have been enjoying the beautiful white ornate ghostpipe fish on our house reef! The lovely thing about this beautiful creature is that when caught in the right light it is almost completely translucent, but its hard to take a good picture on a white-sand background!
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28 Feb / 2016
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Discover Scuba in the Gili Islands

In Senggigi this week we had the absolute pleasure in taking Budi and Ferry (from Jakarta) on their first underwater experience to discover scuba in the Gili Islands, Lombok!!!

It was 12pm in the afternoon of  20th February 2016 when they came into our dive centre in Senggigi.. eager, keen, excited and full of life. In luck we hadn’t had any trips booked this day so it was completely doable. Paperwork signed, equipment fitted, boat and car booked…within 30 minutes we were on our way!!

Budi and Ferry had instructors Kuss and myself plus our dive guide in training Jakar. In the water we went with no problems at all, lovely calm, clear waters, it was the perfect day. Once all the underwater skills were completed off we went on our adventures. We saw an astounding amount of life such as Moray eels, copious varieties of shrimps, frog fish, crab’s, 5 turtles (3 in the first dive and 2 in the second) and on both dives we had both the Green sea Turtle and Hawksbill. Massive Green sea turtles, to be fair I have never seen one so big in my whole diving experience. Other beauties we came across were lionfish, pufferfish, Bluefin trevally, huge unicorn fish, orangutan crab, peacock mantis shrimp, cuttlefish, nudie branch’s and many more.

It was a wonderful day. After the 2 dives we chilled out on Gili Air, had a lovely lunch chatting and friending on facebook. On the way back we made a quick stop for some fresh coconut milk which had a beautiful scenery of all 3 Gili islands.

It has been a quiet week due to the low season but still to have two excited, lovely, warm hearted people come in last minute makes your week or even your month. The diving was amazing, the company was amazing…we couldn’t ask for anymore.

Thank you both so very much , we hope you enjoyed your discover scuba experience and we look forward to your open water course in June 😉

26 Feb / 2016
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Mating behaviour of Lembeh's PipefishWhat does a guest who has visited Two Fish Lembeh 17 times over the past 6 years find new and fascinating on her current visit to the area? Ornate Ghost Pipefish that are carrying eggs! Her excitement, in turn, has made all the guests a bit more interested in the reproductive lives of Lembeh’s Pipefish…

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23 Feb / 2016
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IDC candidates discover technical diving BunakenThis week in Bunaken, our IDC candidates spent some of their time off learning more about technical diving. We’ve not convinced all of them to go to the dark side just yet, though. In the meantime, return guests Ferdy & Sue enjoyed getting back into diving and fun divers Jane & Hiroka spent their dive accompanied by three Eagle Rays!

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22 Feb / 2016
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Eanna - Starting Divemaster Course in LembonganSo there I was, my first day after arriving in Nusa Lembongan, sweating, thirsty and in need of an ice cold coconut to rehydrate the never ending perspiration that comes with living in Indonesia, i was ready to start what can only be described as a life altering course.

I had been her for 5 weeks prior to this, travelling, surfing and the inevitable dose of party thrown in the mix. Deciding to do my Rescue course, and further than that, my DMT with Two fish in Lembongan was a decision I had been weighing up for almost two months and now it was to become my reality.
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