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01 Feb / 2016
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 “Camouflage” is a fascinating behavior that many Lembeh animals partake in“Camouflage” is a fascinating behavior that many Lembeh animals partake in as they take on the characteristics of an unrelated, inanimate object, simply hoping to go unnoticed by predators. Juvenile Orbicular Batfish are a perfect example of such a critter. Lacking toxins or venomous spines, they spend their juvenile months perfectly camouflaged as fallen leaves as they float about in small schools under the piers and oyster-farms of Lembeh. What would otherwise be a small, tasty morsel for a passing predator is dismissed as an uninteresting, inedible leaf. As the Orbicular Batfish reaches a more formidable size (topping out around 28cm/11in), they no longer depend on camouflage and transform into a completely different looking fish!
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31 Jan / 2016
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Senggigi, North/West Lombok this week we have been exploring the beach dive just off the front here at night..yes indeed night dives here we have come!!!

We set up our gear at the dive shop, get into a car that takes us up to the Art Market around a 2 minute drive. We then put our gear on and walk a few meters to the beach. Enter as you would a normal shore night dive and descend at around 2 meters.
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29 Jan / 2016
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IMG_5071 This week in South Lombok we had some lovely dives with a beautiful white Leaf Scorpion fish making an appearence.Its been  alittle rainy this week in South Lombok but we are still having some great dives and lots of laughs along the way.
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25 Jan / 2016
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Sidemount diving is not just for techiesHave you tried Sidemount diving? As our guest Simon discovered this week, sidemount diving is not just for serious technical divers (although they love it, too). Benefits include more comfort in the water, better buoyancy control, improved streamlining, and additional safety thanks to having a redundant air supply and a completely separate regulator.

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24 Jan / 2016
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Diving Senggigi

This week we have been diving Senggigi to explore the dive sites just off from the shore a short boat ride away, and let me tell you what amazing dive’s we have been having!! Senggigi has not been dived much by anyone up now actually so it really is an adventure of exploration. The water is warm, clear; we have a selection of both soft and hard corals surrounding our beautiful big bommies on massive plateaus.

The diversity of sea life in Senggigi really did blow me away and I have to say my favourite part was that on nearly all the whip coral I found the truly magnificent Anker’s whip coral shrimp (Pontonides Ankeri).

These shrimps are generally quite small and extremely tricky to find, you really have to look hard to make them out. The colours are so bright; I saw both the green and the orange varieties.

I absolutely love them!!

Among our friends we also saw tons and tons of nudibranch’s, on the first dive within 10 minutes we must have spotted a total of 8 different kinds. There were flat worms scattered around, turtle’s came to say hi, squat lobsters, painted spiny lobsters, moray eels, skeleton shrimps, anemone crabs, boxer crabs…the list goes on!!

It truly has been wonderful diving in Senggigi. We are excited to continue our discoveries and get the word out there to fellow divers that Senggigi is a gold mine of diving variety!

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