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11 Jan / 2016
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Blenny hiding away in Bunaken! January blues? Not in Bunaken!Statistically speaking, this week is when most people around the globe are hit by the so-called January blues – but not our team in Bunaken.

Granted, this is one of the quieter times of the year, but with guests completing three dives a day, our dive guides are still busy looking for creatures large and small. What’s even better is that with fewer divers around we have a good chance to have our chosen dive sites all to ourselves – plenty of time to hang out with Napoleon wrasse, watch our favourite sea turtles munch away in the morning and search for smaller critters.
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10 Jan / 2016
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circular spade fish Gili Islands

Here in Sengiggi this week we have had a few trips out to the northern Gili Islands with courses, refreshers and fun divers. The visibility has been outstanding once again after our green spell and the bat fish have shown their shininess an incredible amount of times. Another great encounter we have had regularly is with the Circular Spade Fish.

The circular spade fish can be identified by a few small black spots on their sides. They usually hang around 2-35 meters in groups of around 5-15 individuals. Robert and Andreas joined us on a day trip and thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by these majestic fish.

Also this week we have encountered hawksbill turtles on nearly every dive, from small to extremely big. Up here in the Gili’s the turtles really don’t mind us divers and just hang about and get on with their own thing. We can stay with them the whole dive and they never swim off. Brilliant for the turtle lovers and fantastic pictures!!

So far up here in the Gili’s this year we are happy to announce that we have certified 4 new open water divers!! A great start to 2016!!

The temperature here ranges from 25c which is fairly rare to a hot bath of 30ᵒc, it averages at 28ᵒc. We get a variety of fish up here from black tip sharks to the tiny tiny squat shrimps.

Among these we have been spotting porcelain crabs, Frog fishes, cleaner shrimps, peacock mantis shrimps, painted lobsters, blue fin trevally, nudiebranchs, box and puffer fish,  Octopus and plenty more.

That is just a taste of what the northern Gili’s have to offer. We look forward to plenty more encounters. We welcome you to join us here in the gorgeous Gili Islands, right off the coast of Lombok and nearby Bali to check out the fantastic variety of underwater wildlife- including, of course, the circular spade fish!

08 Jan / 2016
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Starry Night Octopus and Starry Blennies in LembehDue to all the Starry Night Octopus and Starry Blennies in Lembeh this week, an old, classic Holiday tune was re-born. “O Starry Night, your Eyes are Brightly Shining…” I sang to myself as we watched a beautiful Starry Night Octopus dance across the reef during a night dive. Unlike many other varieties of octopus, which slip into the closest hole at the first sign of light, the Starry Night is rather intrigued by dive lights. (Click on the Two Fish website link to read more…)
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06 Jan / 2016
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IMG_5247Feathers stars are everywhere here in south Lombok and wouldn’t believe how many, it’s always nice to see them when they are actively swimming around or just fluttering in the breeze. It is also nice to see what treasures they hide amongst themselves like shrimps, crabs, juvenile fish and of course the ornate ghost pipefish.
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06 Jan / 2016
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Tiny Flatworm in Nusa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… We were able to find a tiny flatworm drifting in the soft current at the Mangrove dive site. Now normally it is the dive guides with the amazing eyes to spot the tiny little creatures but on this dive, instructor Bryce was lucky to spot this flatworm that was drifting with the current, all curled up in a ball before settling on a bit of coral to open up and hang on. 
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