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16 Oct / 2012
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turtle in Bunaken and brendonTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN: Ribbon eels, coral shrimps, eagle rays, sharks, frog fish, napoleons galore and a surprise finding by a guest…a hairy frogfish!! Plus the massive resident turtle at Lekuan 1 did not disappoint when guests when searching to get photos. Thanks to Jimmy who got this shot with Brendon in the background (the turtle really is HUGE!)

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15 Oct / 2012
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harlequin shrimp in LembehTHIS WEEK IN LEMBEH… Harlequin Shrimp, Hairy Shrimp, Hairy Frogfish, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, lots of Ambon Scorpionfish and Lembeh Sea Dragons. Plus a fantastic week for Octopus as we saw Blue Ringed, Mototi, Mimic, Wonderpus, Long Armed, Starry Night and Coconut! Fantastic!

Thanks to Lisa Stracci for the fab photo!

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13 Oct / 2012
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manta named Jase of SpadesTHIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN…WOW! Mola Mola and Mantas to keep people happy, snorkelling with dolphins, A big giant frogfish, leaf scorpionfish and around at Manta Bay, Jaseofspades came over to say hi to his daddy (adopted daddy and namesake!). Good times!

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Ed: As part of their manta research, Aquatic Alliance join our boat each time we go to Manta Point. On a recent trip they found a new adult manta and named it Jase of Spades in honour of our instructor Jason!

09 Oct / 2012
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Arto CCR diving in BunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN: We congratulate Arto and Jimmy who finished their IDC yesterday and wish them all the best for the IE tomorrow. Check out the pic of Arto diving with a CCR – he loved the quiet, no bubbles experience!! Also this week barracudas galore on the day trip, lots of sharks, schools of tuna, pontohi sea horses and some devil rays!

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08 Oct / 2012
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humungous StonefishTHIS WEEK IN LEMBEH…Blue Ringed Octopus are out in force along with Wonderpus, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Giant, Painted and Hairy Frogfish, and the ultimate of the Lembeh hairy creatures – the Hairy Octopus :) Plus, where are all of these humungous Stonefish coming from? We’re seeing them everywhere!

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