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13 Dec / 2015
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Lombok 2009

In Belongas,  South Lombok this week we had been visiting the ever so graceful sea cobras that mainly hang around our dive site “ The Cathedral “. That is not to say that we don’t spot them elsewhere…” The Magnet “is another home for them where we can spot up to 6 in a dive.

At “ The Cathedral “ we generally almost all the time descend directly on to at least one sea cobra, sometimes it can be up to seven.

This week with the couple of day trips we have had, as we descend dropping down to the maximum depth of 35m along the wall of the south side, we have had the cobras swimming up towards us, along our bellies and arms and back down again. They are extremely playful, loving and have fun with the bubbles from which we create by simply breathing.

An awful lot of the time divers can feel uncomfortable with how close they get but for sure they will do us no harm. Just relax and enjoy a sea creature that is interested to play with you.

Other than the sea cobras we have been diving with still our resident white tip reef sharks, a couple of hammerheads, green sea turtle, trevally’s, a range of lionfish and something that we don’t see so often is the honeycomb moray eel and a big one at that!

As for the smaller creatures we have spotted rock mover wrasse, leaf scorpion fish, hairy frogfish, skeleton shrimp and much much more!!!

Belongas truly has everything!!



11 Dec / 2015
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muck diving with Melibe in LembehThe muck diving in Lembeh revealed a variety of Melibe this week! While we were seeing Melibe viridis (Green Melibe Nudibranches) earlier in the year, this week we are seeing smaller, yet no less impressive varieties: The Melibe megaceras, Melibe engeli and the rare Melibe colemani.

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09 Dec / 2015
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Lions in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our divers have been able to spot some lions… Lion fish that is. The common and the long fin lion fish are common sights in the waters around Nusa Lembongan and they are natural inhabitants, so they are not a pests like in other parts of the world.

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07 Dec / 2015
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Mola Molas breach Bunaken watersYes, you’ve read that right – not one, but two Mola Molas breached Bunaken waters this week to keep our divers company during their surface interval, breaching the surface three times!

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06 Dec / 2015
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Barracuda's in BelongasIn Belongas, South Lombok this week we have had schools and schools of barracudas!!!

Waves have been calm, mild currents all week and still plenty of pelagic.
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