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29 Oct / 2012
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mandarin fish dives on BunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN: The mandarin fish have well and truly been back on form, numerous sightings plus lots of mating activity too. many guests have highlighted this as their best diving moment as often it is just 2 guests, a guide and the fish!

Thanks so much to Tracy and Chris for this photo. They decided to come here just for the mandarin fish!!!

Also 45kg of trash collected in our last beach clean up and in the water crocodile fish, barracuda, turtles, leaf fish and much more!

Find out more about diving in Bunaken with us (and mating mandarin fish!).
28 Oct / 2012
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blue ring octopusTHIS WEEK IN LEMBEH… Yet more sightings of Blue Ringed Octopus (this is a great time for spotting them), plus Hairy Ghost Pipefish, a fantastic sighting of a free-swimming Mimic Octopus, Hairy Frogfish, Lembeh Sea Dragons, Stargazers, Wonderpus, Pygmy Seahorse and lots more! Watch out next week for another Dive against Debris here in Lembeh. Thanks again to Lisa for the fab photo.

Find out more about diving with Blue Ring octopus in Lembeh with us.

25 Oct / 2012
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In September 2012, Dr Mark Erdmann and Dr Gerry Allen were visiting Manado as Guest Lecturers for a biology workshop. At the same time they conducted a survey of fish species to measure the marine biodiversity in North Sulawesi, and it threw up some most absolutely amazing unexpected results. Namely that North Sulawesi has more marine diversity than Komodo and West Thailand, so now you can dive some of the best marine diversity on the planet with us!

How did this reach this conclusion? To begin with, they recorded 967 species from 329 genera and 84 families, and they said that they were “nowhere near reaching a plateau with every day adding 25-40 new records to the list!”.

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23 Oct / 2012
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pregnant manta on Lembongan21OCT12: We have been taking out Peter from Aquatice Alliance for more manta research, and the other day we did a double whammy of Manta Point and Manta Bay.

Manta Point provided a superb experience as we witnessed a manta mating train, this is the courtship ritual where a series of males follow a female around vying for her acceptance to mate with them. Manta Bay was consistent with some mantas on the surface which the guys were lucky enough to snorkel with.

On a previous trip we came across a heavily pregnant female. This is/was very exciting because it was thought that the birthing times was around august.

Find out more about manta research from Aquatic Alliance, as well as diving with manta’s in Lembongan with us.


22 Oct / 2012
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whale shark in bunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN: WHALE SHARK WHALE SHARK!!!! 2 of our guests were lucky enough to see this beautiful shark at Lekuan 1!! The currents have been a little crazy and just as Alex and Izold were thinking ‘wow can the current get any stronger?’ the whale shark glides by!! Awesome. Also this week a harlequin shrimp, leaf scorpion fish, black tips, white tips and some big barracudas.

Find out more about diving with whale sharks in Bunaken with us.

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