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28 Dec / 2015
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Christmas diving in BunakenSanta Claus might have been busy handing out presents this week, but we were equally busy exploring Bunaken’s underwater world with some good ol’ Christmas diving!

Repeat guest Angela even managed to complete her 1000th dive with us, just in time for the holidays. She mentioned it took about 20 years, but that doesn’t make it any less of an achievement. She’s currently muck diving her way towards another 1000 at our sister resort in the beautiful Lembeh Straits.

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26 Dec / 2015
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RazorfishThis week we haven’t been seeing Santa (but he did drop by) or his razor, but the almighty razorfish. If Santa ever wanted
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25 Dec / 2015
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interactive diving in Lembeh!
Have you ever glanced over at your dive buddy, only to notice a Remora stuck to their tank? This week diving in Lembeh, we were accosted by a small “gang” of Remoras who chased about from diver to diver, attempting to attach to fins, knee-pads, bellies and dive tanks! The Remoras would normally attach to larger fish, such as turtles and sharks, latching on for a free ride about the reef and feeding on the food scraps of their hosts. But for lack of larger animals in their immediate vicinity, the Remora’s attention turned to the divers!
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24 Dec / 2015
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Gio's Divemaster courseAlthough most of my Divemaster course in Bunaken is done, this week I had a chance to spend a few days at our sister resort in Lembeh.
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23 Dec / 2015
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Jelly Fish in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… With the changing currents due to the change of the season, we have seen an increase of visibilty in Lembongan. With this visibility have come a few more jellyfish. Although to no worry to divers, these strange creatures provide an interesting sight while underwater.
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