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22 Feb / 2016
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Eanna - Starting Divemaster Course in LembonganSo there I was, my first day after arriving in Nusa Lembongan, sweating, thirsty and in need of an ice cold coconut to rehydrate the never ending perspiration that comes with living in Indonesia, i was ready to start what can only be described as a life altering course.

I had been her for 5 weeks prior to this, travelling, surfing and the inevitable dose of party thrown in the mix. Deciding to do my Rescue course, and further than that, my DMT with Two fish in Lembongan was a decision I had been weighing up for almost two months and now it was to become my reality.
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21 Feb / 2016
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Underwater in Senggigi, Lombok

Gems of the Sea – Senggigi, Lombok.

Senggigi, Lombok. This week we had a few days of constant rain. Visibility dropped a bit but after one day of dryness it was crystal clear again and 29ºc. Senggigi offers us a variety of sea life ranging from small macro to schools of trevally, reef sharks, turtles and sea snakes.

One of the creatures that amaze me the most is how many different kinds of nudibranchs and flatworms that can be seen here. Dotted around the reef are these multi-coloured beauties. Again the sizes range from 1 inch to 5 inches depending on species. The nudie that usually stands out the most to our divers has been the Kubaryana’s Nembrotha (as pictured above), the colours are vibrant and bold, hard to miss this as you cross its path. There are many different colours of this nudie ranging from a green and orange stripped nudie to mainly green dots, or mainly orange dots. So far of this kind we have spotted two variations.

We here in Senggigi, Lombok are also lucky to have sighted the Spanish Dancer on one of our night dives. The Spanish Dancer can get as big as 24 inch, it bright red-orange and extremely good swimmers.

So far an estimated variety of around 15-20 different nudibranchs and flat worms around Senggigi. Truly colourful dives!!

19 Feb / 2016
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Feather Stars in South LombokThis week in south Lombok we are playing hide and seek in the feather stars with a whole variety of shrimps and crabs. Here in south Lombok we have an abundance of beautiful macro life including a whole range of shrimps and crabs like squat shrimp, hairy squat shrimp, peacock-tail anemone shrimp, bubble coral shrimp, orangutan crab, two horn box crab and so much more.
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17 Feb / 2016
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The Usual Suspects and New Friends In LembonganThis week in Lembongan…. What an amazing week we’ve had over here in Lembongan. Not only have we had multiple visits from the usual suspects, our friends the bantas, but we were graced with multiple visits from the Mola’s too. Both underwater and breaching on our surface intervals, which is always a shock!

The molas were so close to our groups that amazing videos were shot by our customers, on a very clear day of diving. Adding to all of this we were lucky enough to have a close up encounter with the largest fish in the ocean, the Whale Shark, which can grow to over 12m in length, ours was a mere teenager coming in at an approximate 5m. We are still waiting to here back from www.whaleshark.org for identification of the little chap.
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15 Feb / 2016
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Technical diving IndonesiaTwinset manifolds – not the sexiest item of technical diving equipment by far and also not the most talked-about, you would think. Well, last week proved to be a little different – with three technical divers joining us in Bunaken for guided dives, we discovered that all of us had different ideas about manifold settings. So, who’s right?

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