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31 Aug / 2015
Author: Dominic Tags: There is no tags Comments: 2

Hairy Octopus in Bunaken!Our corner of the world is a well known haven for the weird and wonderful underwater; but usually most of the attention goes to our sister location of Lembeh Straits. Lembeh is of course an amazing destination, but it isn’t that far away and  so it is of no great surprise when even our guides get their minds blown by something amazing.
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30 Aug / 2015
Author: Robyn Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

Bunaken_3In Belongas, South Lombok this week we have had a huge amount of sightings of the Banded Sea Snake. Black colour with white bands running down their entire body. They are extremely graceful and are usually spotted swimming around sticking their heads into most rocks and crevices looking for food.
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28 Aug / 2015
Author: Luke Tags: Comments: 3

We all get along!This week in Lembeh….We all get along! With so much action in the water these days the critters of Lembeh strait all hang out together. As seen here with a pair of coleman shrimp sharing their home with a Zebra Crab.  Living atop a Fire urchin, these two are a great display of the co-existing that goes on here.
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27 Aug / 2015
Author: sabine Tags: Comments: 1

Eels in south gilis in LombokThis week in South Lombok, Eels are giving their best. Most eels live in the shallow waters of the ocean and burrow into sand, mud, or amongst rocks. A majority of eel species are nocturnal, thus are rarely seen. Sometimes, they are seen living together in holes, or “eel pits”. Some species of eels also live in deeper water on the continental shelves and over the slopes deep as 4,000 m.
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26 Aug / 2015
Author: Reuben Tags: , Comments: 0

imageIn every group there is always that one friend who does’t dive and for this one person we are going to be offering a free PADI confined discover scuba diving session worth $65.
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