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15 Nov / 2015
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P1070481Belongas, South Lombok this week…Hammer, Hammer, Hammerheads! The conditions have been calm with mild currents throughout the week and plenty yes plenty of beautiful Hammerheads both Scalloped and great ranging from 1.5 meters to 3.5 give or take….hard to tell without a tape measure and all of us were just blown away by the number of these magnificent fish. So graceful, so elegant, so lucky we were.
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14 Nov / 2015
Author: Reuben Tags: There is no tags Comments: 1

sea mothThis Week In Bali: We have had a lot of muck, Macro and moths in Mainland Bali. We spotted a beautiful Dragon Seamoth along with a number of other critters including Velvet, Ornate and Robust Ghost Pipefish, Juvenile and Painted Frogfish, a variety of Leafish, Arrowhead Crabs and a variety of nudibranchs.

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11 Nov / 2015
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Blue Ringed Octopus on Night Dive in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Some of our guests decided to finish their stay with a night dive in Lembongan Bay and had the chance to see a blue-ringed octopus! Mijin, from South Korea, who was doing her Advanced Open Water Course with Gwen, changed all her plan when she heard about the chance to do a night dive and also convinced Elise (Dive Master in training) to come for her first night dive. 
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09 Nov / 2015
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longnose hawkfish in BunakenThere are many unsung heroes on our reefs, one of my favourites is the long nose hawkfish in Bunaken, and its not often you manage to get two of them in a frame. Of course everyone likes to see the big stuff, turtles, sharks, rays and other big pelagics; and you have the other end of the spectrum where divers love the hunt looking for smaller and smaller shrimps and other critters.
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08 Nov / 2015
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Mobula's are still here

This week in Belongas, South Lombok we have been spotting Mobula Rays every dive at Gili Sarang. They have been a bit unpredictable this season with spells of disappearing and usually by this time of year they have head off to a slightly colder climate but they seem to be enjoying the warms waters of 28ºC.
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