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19 Jun / 2015
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Diving Belongas Bay in South LombokBelongas, South Lombok is known for its big waves, deep waters, strong surge and strong currents in season. Now most of us divers have always believed that strong currents equal big fish! Usually this is the case. This week however we have had calm surfaces, light surge, next to nothing with currents and a water temperature of 27ºC. Yet it has been a week of everything we could possibly want and far from what was expected at this time of year.
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18 Jun / 2015
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This week in south gilis Lombok … The ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) or Bernis eel is an elegant creature bearing a resemblance to a mythical Chinese dragon with a long, thin body and high dorsal fins.

A couple of weeks ago still black and a junior and now grown up he has changed colour to a shiny blue.

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17 Jun / 2015
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Toyapakeh: A Highlight Of Diving In LembonganThis week in Lembongan… It’s been a week of spotting many small creatures. Well, that is if you don’t count the 20+ mantas we’ve been seeing regularly at Manta Point. Our guides have eyes like hawks, at least that’s how Tom (who stayed with us for over a week) explained it.
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15 Jun / 2015
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week in Bunaken… With a large amount of night dives this week the divers have enjoyed seeing lots and lots of crazy crustaceans. Normally fairly shy during the day, once the sun sets the reefs are littered with the tiny little red dots that are eyes of shrimps and crabs reflecting the torch light. (Thank you Guillermo for the beautiful marble shrimp photo!)
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12 Jun / 2015
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Mantis Shrimp in LembehThis week in Lembeh…. All shrimps aren’t “Shrimps”. As I’m sure the Giant Mantis Shrimp think, “ Who you calling a shrimp?! ” Something we have a bountiful amount of here in the strait is shrimp. They come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. For example the whip coral shrimp is only about 1 cm, compared to the Giant Mantis Shrimp who’s eye alone can be larger than 1.5cm. Even if there is little to find on a dive, one can guarantee shrimp. The variety of shrimp in the area can keep a diver and photographer coming back for more.
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