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19 Oct / 2015
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AnemoneWe have had some great dives this week and have even found a new wreck at Bunaken! Not that I think it will be attracting many divers, just out of recreational range Naomi and myself spotted two pretty new looking engines and long tail props along with some bamboo outriggers, whilst on a tech dive. Possibly the mission for a future search and recovery dive? This was just one of many highlights on a beautiful Mandolin dive; mating big eye trevally, sharks, stingrays, moray eels, massive maori wrasse as well as the reef bustling with life. All of this in beautifully mild conditions; warm water, great viz and a nice drift taking us along the reef. The picture attached shows the lovely scenery that we have to enjoy during our shallow stops; no boring blue water hangs for us.
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18 Oct / 2015
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Great Hammerheads in Belongas, South Lombok

Belongas, South Lombok this week has been the rise of Great hammerheads.

Down here in Belongas we have the opportunity to see both the scalloped hammerheads and the great hammerheads. The scalloped form in schools where as the great are known to be more solitary.

When we encounter the great hammerheads we usually only see 3-4 on a dive if we are lucky but this week on individual dives we have been spotting 8-10!
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17 Oct / 2015
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Great Barracuda at the USAT Liberty Wreck This week in Sanur Bali: We managed to get up close and personal to the resident Great Barracuda at the USAT Liberty. Almost close enough to count those  big teeth of his.
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14 Oct / 2015
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Mola molas in Nusa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our guests have had some pretty amazing encounters with these special creatures. Annie who spent 5 days diving with us, saw a mola every day and on some dives she saw up to 5 molas, swimming, cleaning and even jumping. One of the most special moments of the week was with Annie’s son, Neils. Neils is only 8 so he is yet to become a scuba diver like his mum, but that did not stop him from getting the chance to see a mola!
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12 Oct / 2015
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Peak Performance BuoyancyI always appreciate it when one of our guests asks to undertake the peak performance buoyancy course; in my eyes that is diving.

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