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12 Aug / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: Comments: 0

Bat Fish in Nusa lembonganThis week in Lembongan… we are proud to welcome five new members in the worldwide diving community. Anneloes, Giel, Cyrielle, Aurélien and Edouard just finished their Open Water Course. We had a lot of fun trying to do bubble ring in the water, watching mantas dancing around and looking in the blue to find molas molas!

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10 Aug / 2015
Author: Ina Tags: Comments: 0

Halimeda ghost pipefish in surprisingly cold Bunaken waterThis week in Bunaken… Dive guide Rolly really made the day for his divers, Magnus and Jonas from Denmark, when he found this stunning pair of halimeda ghost pipefish on the dive site Alung Banua. Halimeda ghost pipefish are very rare and sought after by many macro enthusiasts so we are super excited to have them here. Seeing that this is a pair we are hoping that they are going to hang around for a while! (Thank you Jonas for the photo!)
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09 Aug / 2015
Author: Robyn Tags: Comments: 3

Divers getting ready for a new Diving Adventure in Belongas, South LombokThis week in Belongas, South Lombok we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second boat for the famous dive sites down here in South Lombok. The boat is from Vidar the owner of Pangang Villas situated in Pangang bay at the very south tip of south Lombok. In this location are 3 self-catering villas, plenty of space, magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and the two Dive sites that everyone comes here to see “The Magnet” and “Gili Sarang”. Our first customers are a group of 5 from Singapore setting out for exploration tomorrow morning!!
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08 Aug / 2015
Author: Reuben Tags: , Comments: 1

Manta Ray being cleaned in a cleaning stationThis Week in Bali, it seems like the cleaning station at Manta point has a lot of dirty Mantas coming in for a clean.

It almost feels like being in a manta soup when you have 7-8 manta rays circling around the cleaning station at Nusa Penida, all of them coming in to get rid of their little parasites that make a great meal for the hungry little cleaner wrasse that call the cleaning station at Manta Point their home.
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07 Aug / 2015
Author: Luke Tags: There is no tags Comments: 1

Harlequin Shrimp Shine.This week in Lembeh….. Harlequin Shrimp Shine. For those that enjoy shrimp, Lembeh is a fantastic place to see more than just a few species. Our lucky divers can agree with these Harlequin Shrimp as part of the proof. Our guides found these two ready to chow down on top of a blue sea star. Other types being seen have been Tiger shrimp, Hairy Shrimp, Mantis Shrimp, Skeleton Shrimp, and the list goes on.
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