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11 Oct / 2015
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Squid from Belongas Bay

Once again here in Belongas, South Lombok our conditions have been up and down with temperatures ranging from 19ºC-24ºC, visibility from 5-25 meters, waves from .5-4 meters and current from small to strong washing machines and still our season has not ended.

We have been seeing hammerheads, mobula rays, white tip reef sharks, barracuda, devil rays, trevally, tuna and more and more schools of squid mainly at the dive site “Gili Sarang”.
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07 Oct / 2015
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Treasure of North PendiaThis week in Lembongan… The waves have picked up in the south, so the manta sites have been unreachable but this means we have spent the week drifting over the colourful soft corals of the slopping reefs on the north coast of Nusa Penida. Although the south coast does bask in the glory of the manta rays, the south is mainly covered with sponge coral that does not hold the bright colours like soft coral does. This is due to the changing wave conditions that effect the coral spore moment, meaning soft coral find it hard to grow. This is quite different on the north coast, it seems with the magic of nature, the slopping fringing reefs provide the perfect environment for coral spores to settle and process the beautiful colours that cover these slopes.
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05 Oct / 2015
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Hairy Squat LobsterThese hairy squat lobsters at Bunaken remind me of one of the characters from Street Fighter; Blanka. I have been looking around the innumerous barrel sponges here for the past few days and have finally found some!

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04 Oct / 2015
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P1000786This week in Bali: We had one of our busiest weeks here and we have seen everything from Molas to baby Frogfish, each day our divers have been coming back saying that they have seen stuff that they have never seen before.
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04 Oct / 2015
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Lembeh  Octopus with mobile home

This week in Belongas, South Lombok….Once again the full moon has come and gone. Usually this affects the currents down here but this week we have had fairly calm conditions and still seen the magnificent Hammerheads and schools of Barracuda.
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