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18 Sep / 2014
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The Adventures of DMT ChelseaWooo, I’m finally a Divemaster! My last week in Lembongan was very busy, but it was great to see all the signatures being signed off on my form. Day by day getting closer and closer to that final signature!

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14 Sep / 2014
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Cephalatastic Times in LembehThis week in Lembeh we have had a good time with the critters, as well as having a few return guests coming back.
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10 Sep / 2014
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DSCF5162This week in Lembongan…. There is a lot more then just the big creatures here in Lembongan. To some divers it’s not the size that matters. Sadly it has been the motion of the ocean that has stopped us getting out to the manta spots this week but our dive guides have been finding lots of small creatures tucked away in the reef. Just like this goby fish sliding up and down the whip coral.

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08 Sep / 2014
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turtleTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN…. Fun divers are having turtle week and it seems like every dive site is turning into a turtle town around Bunaken. Everybody is commenting that many BIG turtles are swimming around and passing really close to the divers. They are certainly not afraid of cameras, which is the good thing for the people who like to take underwater photos. Thanks Geby & Hajo for the nice Turtle photo!
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03 Sep / 2014
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Out of The Office and In The Water With The MantasThis Week in Lembongan… we have had the girls out of the office and in the water with the mantas. Purna, the assistant resort manager and Lucya, our reservation staff, jumped in the pool with instructor Steph and divemaster trainee Chelsea to complete a discover scuba dive. Then today Lucya headed out to Manta Bay with Chelsea to snorkel with the manta rays.

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