PADI Instructor Development Course in Lembongan

padi instructor course in lembongan

It has been a busy week with life-changing adventures for the 8 candidates doing our PADI Instructor Development Course in Lembongan. Over the last week and a bit, these 8 candidates have been working hard to get themselves prepared for becoming PADI instructors. Today is the first day of the PADI Instructor Exam, Mikko, Tristan, Flora, Nicole, Prashanti, Rhome , Sherrine and Matteo are all prepared for the two days of exams. 

Orang-Utans underwater in Bunaken this week

Orangutans in BunakenAre we teaching orang-utans to dive underwater in Bunaken? Not just yet, but we’ve been spotting plenty of orangutan crabs (picture by Alex Schade) this week. And what a busy time it has been, thanks to an Indonesian bank holiday. Instructors and dive guides got plenty of in-water time and all of our boats were called on, too. The result? Lots of smiling divers and many congratulations all around as we’re adding more certified divers to the underwater world.

3 Different Diving Entries in Amed, Bali

jukung3The big news from Amed this week is we can now offer you 3 different styles of diving entries. You may or may not know that many of the dive entry in Amed & Tulamben can be done as shore dives. With decent facilities on land, easy entries and exits and often not too much current, this often makes sense. Other than that nearly all centres are limited to using Jukungs – the local fishing boats. In traditional outrigger style, this is definitely the most authentic way to travel at sea here, but it is not necessarily the most comfortable. So we’re pleased to announce our third option.

All Creatures Big and Small When Diving in Bunaken

Big and small creatures in Bunaken this weekIn Bunaken this week, we couldn’t decide where to look – the blue for big stuff or the reef for small creatures. There have been plenty of both, including another Mola-Mola sighting! And just as our dive manager and instructor Dion is off to get to know our Bali and Lombok dive centres better, we’ve been busy teaching PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses.

Nutty Ornate Pipe fish in the Gili’s, North Lombok

In the North Gili’s, Lombok this week we have started our move to our dive centre on Gili Air. Our equipment room is stocked, our second boat nearly ready which can seat 25-30 people. A extremely exciting time. The season is picking up now and we have had our Zoey boat everyday with courses as well as fun divers.  The water up in the North is still extremely clear and the sea life abundant.

“TK II” is our featured Lembeh Dive Site of the Month

“TK II” is our featured Lembeh Dive-Site of the Month “TK II” is our featured Lembeh Dive Site of the Month. All black-sand, algae growth and desolate landscape, Teluk Kembahu II is definitely not one of Lembeh’s prettier dive sites. But does that old trick really fool anyone anymore? When we take a closer look at TKII it comes alive; it is absolutely overflowing with some of Lembeh’s coolest critters!

Last few days in Bunaken – Marissa’s Divemaster course

Divemaster course in BunakenI am about to finish my time in Bunaken, and again I am not at all ready to say goodbye. Although, I have almost finished checking all the boxes for completing my Divemaster program! With my last two weeks so near, I really have no idea where the time went, and I am not ready for it to end. The past two weeks have been quite action packed, finishing up more specialty courses and assisting with guiding and other courses.

An overload of Turtles in the Gili’s, North Lombok!!!


In the North Gili’s, Lombok this week once again we have been swarmed with Turtle’s. It is almost 99% guaranteed that you will bump into at least one on a day trip of two dives. Usually we spot from 5 mixed hawksbill and Green Turtles to what can be 20 individuals.

The North Gili’s have something for everybody, from beginners who all they want is to see their first turtle to pro’s with camera’s wanting a bit more macro or a little more challenging dives with currents.

Five reasons why you should visit our new Tech location in Amed, Bali

Technical diving Bali with Two Fish Tech!

Technical diving baliTwo Fish Tech is expanding into Amed, Bali so we can now offer technical diving in Bali! We will be offering technical diving courses and technical diving from our base in Amed, whilst our Bunaken base will remain available to qualified technical divers for guided decompression diving.

We will be based in the north-east of Bali within Two Fish Divers’ brand-new dive centre in Amed and, although we will not be starting operations until June 2016, we are taking bookings for courses and diving now.

Here are five reasons why you should come diving with our tech team in Amed.

Early Mola Sighting When Diving In Lembongan

Early Mola Sighting in LembonganWhat a week it’s been over here on Nusa Lembongan!!! We have had heaps of manta sightings and even a Mola Ramsayi, as well as all the other exciting colourful exotic marine life found in these rich waters. Mixed in with all this, we have had lots of cool people fun diving and completing courses with us too. Well done to all of you for completing courses from scuba diver to rescue diver!!!