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23 Sep / 2015
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Mangrove Dive Site Map on Nusa LembonganThis week in Lembongan, The North Coast of Nusa Penida offers a lot of great dive sites and our dive at Mangrove this week was completely stunning!! The visibility was amazing and the fun divers pointed some big moray eels, scorpion fish and crocodile fish. Guy and Emily who were doing their Underwater Naturalist Adventure Dive found a lot of species that they didn’t know and enjoyed learning more about plants and corals.
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21 Sep / 2015
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basketsThe reef certainly does not sleep at night in Bunaken, though many of its residents do of course. Whilst the parrot fish and triggerfish find nooks and crannies to wedge themselves for a night’s rest a horde of other critters vacate their hiding places and swarm over the reef.
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20 Sep / 2015
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This week here in Belongas, South Lombok we have had the absolute pleasure of a visit from an Oceanic Manta! Having full boats all week with divers from the Gili Islands, U.K, France and Malaysia who all come from for Hammerheads and Mobula Rays were over the moon to run into the Manta.

Pi’I our Belongas guide says that this does happen so often usually about 3-4 times during the high season.
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19 Sep / 2015
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imageThis week in Mainland Bali: We were super stoked to find a Stargazer in Padang Bai and that  too during the day time.(Photo for reference only)The Stargazer is a fish that will bury itself in the sand to ambush its prey, when an unsuspecting fish swims over head it leaps out and drags it into the sand.
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16 Sep / 2015
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Scuba diving From Lembongan to TulambenThis week in Lembongan… On many of our dive sites around Penida and Lembongan we have Bali dive centers that take the journey across Badung Strait to bring their guests to dive our reefs. So we thought maybe we should do the opposite and head over to Bali to check out the diving there. For this trip we we loaded our boat Freedom with many tanks and a lunch and drinks and left Lembongan at 7.30am for a day trip to explore the famous Liberty wreck.

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