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26 Sep / 2016
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Tom blog2Hello Two Fish friends, Tom here again for another dive masters trainee blog.
I’m progressing slowly but surely through the course, and am in the last quarter now..
I’ve assisted on four discover scuba’s and one bubble maker, both great as they are designed for people to access the world of diving, quickly and without much learning.
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23 Sep / 2016
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White tips sharks in Gili Air

This week on the North Gili’s, Lombok we have been out every day on the boat we have managed to visit a variety of sites this week.

Diving around Gili Trawangan we often spot White tip reef sharks, black tips and Jacks. The white tip reef sharks around here are generally extremely lazy, we find them hanging out under rocks of slowly swimming around, which is great for those who like taking pictures as they can generally get a clear shot. As for the black tips and jacks they are a bit faster cruising around the reefs.

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21 Sep / 2016
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Damsel fish in LembonganThis week in Lembongan, during the discovery dive of Vishal, we focused a bit on the usual inhabitants of the coral reef, and particularly the damselfish which are populating the coral reel. Damselfishes are these energetic little fish that you will spot everywhere on the reefs of South-East Asia seas. They have 321 known species, usually with oval body shapes (up to around 35cm) and bright colors.
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19 Sep / 2016
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Giant Frogfish at Gili Air In Gili Air this week … we found a Giant Frogfish at Gili Air again!! Well the last time it was a painted frogfish, and this time the colour was a faded purple/grey. Such a nice find as these odd shaped bottom dwellers tend to camouflage and hide a lot.

It was found on the dive site called Hans Reef where it was found chilling out on an artificial cage at 12 meters. This dive site is in the North Gilis, and this week the waves have frequently been big, limiting us to the North sites of all 3 Gili’s. This is not a bad thing as we have lovely sites up in the north with a variety of sea life, enough to make all divers of all levels happy!!!
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16 Sep / 2016
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frogfishThis week in Amed, Two Fish Divers organized lot of dive trips in Padang Bay. Padang Bay muck diving is comparable to Lembeh. Our fun divers Rob and Peter joined the trip, because they are macro lovers. They could go on the dive site Jetty and spot lots of critters such like frogfishes, gurnard lionfishes or ghost pipefishes.

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