Divemaster trainee Joe about his start in Bunaken…

Divemaster trainee Joe decided on short notice to take his divemaster course, here is a note on his experience… I arrived in Bunaken on July 29th for 4 days of fun diving with a friend, upon my last day of my visit, I sat down with one of Bunaken’s current dive master trainees who got…

Hairy Squat Lobster Lands in Lembeh

Hairy Squat Lobster Lands in Lembeh

The Hairy Squat Lobster is one little critter our guests delight in seeing here in Lembeh. This photo was taken by our guests, Victor and Lynn. The scientific name for this guy is Lauriea Siagiani but they are also known as Anomura Crab, Fairy Lobster, Hairy Pink Lobster, Barrel Sponge Crab and Fairy Crab. They…

unicorn fish

The Unicorn Fish in Lembongan that changes color

This week on Lembongan some of our guests spotted one of the most unique looking fish on the planet, the Unicorn Fish. The unicorn fish has a long horn that protrudes from the top of its head but biologists are unsure of the purpose of it. It isn’t used as a weapon or swimming aid,…

Mimic Octopus

Mimic Octopus, House Reef, Muck Diving, Amed, Bali

This week in Amed, we encountered the very in demand Mimic Octopus; a “must-have” subject for underwater photographers, our specialty here in Amed. It holds this name because of its ability to impersonate other local species by changing its skin color and texture and literally blend with its environment. All thanks to what is called the…

The Nembrotha Cristata Simply Delights in Lembeh

The Nembrotha Cristata Simply Delights in Lembeh

The Nembrotha Cristata was just one of the Nudibranchs to delight our guests in Lembeh this week. This particular one resembles an old English Gentleman, with a large drooping moustache! We have some crazy, beautiful Nudibranchs here in Lembeh and this great shot was captured by our guests, Victor and Lynn. Nembrotha Cristata are from…

Flasher Wrasse fever hits Lembeh Critters!

Flasher Wrasse Fever hits Lembeh!It’s not often that a guest is able to show an experienced dive guide something new in Lembeh, but leave it to John Hoover to take on that challenge! Hoover, the authoritative word on Hawaiian fish and critter life, brought Flasher Wrasse Fever to Lembeh this week as he shared his excitement for this beautiful animal at meals, on the boat, and underwater. Who knew that Nudi Falls is teeming with one of the most beautiful fish in the sea? Not a single one of us at Two Fish Lembeh! We were too busy scanning the weeds and rubble for hidden wonders such as Rhinopias, cryptic Frogfish and tiny Nudibranch to notice the plethora of Flashers chasing about.

A Record-breaking Beach Clean-up In Amed

Record-breaking clean up in AmedThis week, our team came out in force to participate in Trash Hero Amed’s largest ever beach clean-up! 105 people helped collect over 300 kgs of trash, much of it plastic that would otherwise have ended up in the sea (thanks to Mataboolan Photography for the picture). Needless to say, the beach in front of the dive centre looks pristine at the moment and we’ll make sure it stays this way. In other news, our IDC candidates are getting ready for their instructor exam and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for them (not that they need it).

Orang-Utans underwater in Bunaken this week

Orangutans in BunakenAre we teaching orang-utans to dive underwater in Bunaken? Not just yet, but we’ve been spotting plenty of orangutan crabs (picture by Alex Schade) this week. And what a busy time it has been, thanks to an Indonesian bank holiday. Instructors and dive guides got plenty of in-water time and all of our boats were called on, too. The result? Lots of smiling divers and many congratulations all around as we’re adding more certified divers to the underwater world.

All Creatures Big and Small When Diving in Bunaken

Big and small creatures in Bunaken this weekIn Bunaken this week, we couldn’t decide where to look – the blue for big stuff or the reef for small creatures. There have been plenty of both, including another Mola-Mola sighting! And just as our dive manager and instructor Dion is off to get to know our Bali and Lombok dive centres better, we’ve been busy teaching PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses.

A huge variety of life in Amed, Bali

I need a name! :) We’ve enjoyed a huge variety of divers and a huge variety of life in Amed, Bali this week. With many of our guests asking to visit the USAT Liberty it was a chance for many of them to meet the resident Great Barracuda that lives there – I don’t think he has a name yet so any suggestions welcome 🙂 Other than that our guests and guides have been seeing a sample of the eclectic life that lives here.

Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses spotted in Bunaken this week

Pontohi Pygmy seahorses in BunakenThis week’s diving in Bunaken had something for both macro fans and lovers of big marine life – our guests saw Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses as well as increasing numbers of Spotted Eagle Rays.

Thanks to our eagle-eyed dive guides Frankli and Fenly, Mads from Denmark managed to get the fabulous shot for this blog. These miniature seahorses are fairly rare and we don’t have a lot of information about them. They’ve been spotted in (eastern) Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2012 Photo Competition

Results of photo competition
The results from our 2012 Photo Competition are now in. The entries were really good this year, thanks to everyone who entered. As a reminder, the prizes are:



After one month with us Star went back home this morning. : (((( She came to became a diving instructor and when she was doing her advance course she hurt the eardrum. She still enjoyed here with us and she had a big group of friends visiting her. We all have lots of fun with…


One week ago we had the pleasure to welcome a group of BSAC divers from UK( Greg, Peter, Ian B., Karl, Charles, Ian M., Michael, Tawyn, Alison, Harvey, Sarah and Maxime). All of them very experience divers looking forward to see the underwater life of North Sulawesi. They spend one week in Bunaken and right…


We had a request from our guests Nancy, Paul and Christhop; special dinner!!. “Your wish is my command” so we organize for them; Two kilos prawns, two kilos squid and groupers from Manado. Our cook Linda give her personal touch in the barbecue and Nancy prepared Thai sauce. The food was looking great!! They were…


Last week we had many birthdays in Two Fish Bunaken, so we organize a party on Sunday to celebrate, Nike, Linda, Nancy, Roger and Tina’s birthday!! We had a nice dinner, cake!! and after that live music at Blue Parrot Beach Cafe!!Staff and guest had fun together. At one point all of us danced CONGA…