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We now operate from 6 beautiful locations in Indonesia – Amed on Mainland Bali, the island of Nusa Lembongan (near Bali), Bunaken Island, Lembeh Straits near Manado, North Sulawesi, and South Gili’s and Belongas Bay in South Lombok. The tropical paradises that we call home all have something unique to offer. Our resorts are ideally situated for a range of Indonesia diving activities and most dive sites are only a ten to twenty minutes away from the resort meaning no long boat rides and back to the resort for lunch!

Tripadvisor Certification of ExcellenceAt each location we offer fun diving and the full range of PADI dive courses. All of our resorts are run by European managers and instructors. Our dive guides are all from the surrounding area and know the dive sites inside out. They are all certified to at least PADI Rescue Diver status, speak great English, and are excellent at looking after our guests above and below the sea. We have a policy of small groups of less than four guests per dive guide, meaning they are more like dive buddies rather than a typical guide!

Plus all our resorts were awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014, recognition of our outstanding diving and accommodation services!

/// Staying & Diving in Bali

We have 2 operations in the Bali area: a PADI 5 Star dive center in Amed on Mainland Bali and a PADI 5 Star dive center/resort on the island of Nusa Lembongan.

Amed, Mainland Bali

Padang-Bai-diving_areaThe diving around Bali is incredibly diverse: beautiful coral and walls in Menjangan Marine Park in the North; fascinating muck dive and reefs in Amed; challenging dives in Padang Bai and Candidasa; exhilarating drifts and big fish encounters in Nusa Pendia & Nusa Lembongan; fantastic muck diving in the North and East of Bali; and the famous USS Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben which is not to be missed by anyone visiting Bali!

Our dive center is based in Amed, a relaxed fishing village on Bali’s East coast, where we are based at our partner resort Surya Rainbow Villas. This direct beachside dive resort with 8 guest rooms, excellent dining and a 17m swimming pool is an ideal place to stay, dive and relax. From this base we dive the reefs around Amed, and run day-trips to Padang Bai, Candidasa and the USS Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben.
Read More About Diving in Amed, Mainland Bali.

Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Indonesia divingOur dive resort is based on the island paradise of Nusa Lembongan, one of a group of three beautiful islands that are a 30mins fast-boat ride off the south east coast of Bali. The other two islands are Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, all three islands make for a fantastic diving base – home of the manta and mola-mola that made diving in Bali famous. The coral reefs around Nusa Lembongan and the other islands are very healthy, with an incredibly diverse variety of creatures offering a mixture of fantastic hard corals, colourful soft corals and a range of critters from macro to pelagics, as well as huge schools of fish with visibility nearly always 20-25m. Check out more about diving in Bali and Nusa Lembongan.

/// Staying & Diving in South Lombok

We have one PADI 5 Star dive center in South Lombok offering diving in the South Gili’s and in Belongas Bay.

South Gili’s, South Lombok

sekotong-divingSekotong, a tropical little place with a only a few dive resorts and not much topside goings-on apart from snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Our Lombok island dive resorts are quite perfect for couples and families who just want to relax and enjoy the southern Gilis.
Our South Lombok dive sites reflect a good cross-section of what Indonesia has to offer, and the southern Gilis offer even the widely traveled and experienced diver a surprising and breathtaking experience. Diving the south Gili islands offers colorful, relaxed reef diving for all levels of training, and fun diving for families and beginners. Check out more about diving in South Gilli’s.

Belongas Bay, South Lombok

diving-belongas-bayScuba diving Belongas Bay, or Blongas Bay, offers exciting, challenging “adrenalin dives” at the dive sites “The Magnet” and “The Cathedral”. The seasonable sighting of schooling barracudas, tunas, and other pelagic life is fairly regular, and apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season during August and September, hammerheads have the tendency to school around the Magnet end June until early November.
“The Magnet” is famous for its hammerhead shark sightings, which features both Scalloped Hammerhead sharks and the Great Hammerhead sharks. According to experts, “The Magnet” is the one of the only three places in the world where you can see both kinds of hammerhead sharks (the other being the Philippines and Costa Rica).
In Belongas Bay (Blongas) you’ll find an unspoiled underwater paradise with pristine reefs, an intact environment, and impressive diving with huge marine diversity! Check out more about diving in Belongas Bay.

/// Staying & Diving in Manado, North Sulawesi

We have two resorts in North Sulawesi – Lembeh Straits and Bunaken – both offer some of the best scuba diving in Indonesia, and some great Local Tours for non-divers.

Lembeh Straits

Indonesia divingIn Lembeh Straits our resort is situated on Lembeh Island, a tropical island in the middle of Lembeh Straits. Lembeh is famous for being the muck diving capital of the world. Muck diving sites are sandy slopes, often with black sand making it perfect for photographers as this reduces back-glare. With visibility of 10-15m it’s one of the few places you will see the elusive hairy frog fish, pygmy sea horses and flamboyant cuttlefish. This is why many underwater photographers love coming to dive with us in Lembeh. Lembeh is also blessed with beautiful walls, amazing corals and some fantastic ship wrecks. We can also offer great day-trips to nearby Bangka Island or Gangga Island, about an hour away, where there are some stunning soft-coral dives. Lembeh therefore has something for everyone! Check out more about diving in Lembeh.


Indonesia divingBunaken is our tropical island home situated in Bunaken Marine Park. The dramatic volcanic landscape in this area of North Sulawesi has created some of the most amazing walls for diving on the planet. It offers the best diving in Indonesia with beautiful corals, lots of fish, amazing small critters, and some larger fish such as reef shark, turtles and barracuda. Nearby there is also the mainland sand slopes of Manado, these offer the great alternative of muck diving. It’s a little like Lembeh but closer! Read More About Diving in Bunaken / Manado.
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