/// Diving Bunaken, Manado

/// Bunaken, Manado and Bunaken Marine Park

diving bunaken

When you are diving Bunaken, Manado, you actually dive in the protected area of Bunaken Marine Park. The park is made up of the mainland along the coast of Manado, and five island. Bunaken Island is about 45mins from Manado, and 50% of the dive sites are based around Bunaken Island making it the main diving destination of the area.


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/// Best wall dives in Asia

diving bunaken

Bunaken’s walls were officially voted the best walls in Asia* because they offer:

  • Dramatic drop-offs with a huge variety of soft and hard corals
  • Reef fish from fusiliers to butterflyfish, sweetlips, cardinal fish and damsel fish
  • Wall critters such as scorpion fish, nudibranch, lionfish, and seahorses to name a few
  • Turtles, barracudas and reef sharks
  • Amazing visibility of 30m+

In Sept 2012 dive sites of Bunaken were ranked among the top in the world for marine diversity. The survey also described North Sulawesi as more diverse than Komodo and West Thailand. Read the story here.
*voted by Asian Diver magazine in 2004

/// Bunaken fringing reef

The five islands resemble a submerged mountain range that was flooded with the sea many eons ago. The steep walls of each island form a fringing reef that totally surrounds them.

The top of the reef wall starts at 3m and drops to more than 600m, making it ideal for beginners or experienced divers. Most of the reef-life sits at the ideal depth of 10-15m.

To take advantage of the abundance of reef life at shallow depths, we generally encourage our guests to dive no deeper than 25 meters & spend longer at shallow depths, meaning that dives are frequently more than 60 minutes.

If you wish to dive deeper – no problem, just let us know beforehand so we can schedule it in.

/// The Two Fish experience

  • First class dive service in Lembeh
  • Small groups of no more than four guests per dive guide
  • Expert dive guides who have done thousands of dives in Lembeh Straits
  • All guides are PADI Rescue Diver trained
  • Oxygen and first aid on every dive boat
  • Dive groups are organised according to air consumption and dive experience
  • English speaking friendly crew and dive guides
  • Long dives – we just ask you to surface after 75mins or on 40bar
  • Photographers – please enquire for a private guide for spotting and carrying your accessories

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/// Wreck Diving

The Molas shipwreck was a Dutch cargo vessel sunk during WWII near Molas beach, just outside the town of Manado. The wreck lies in 24m-40m of water and a school of long fin batfish circle the top of the wreck. At nearby Tanjung Pisok, also on the Sulawesi mainland, we meet orangutan crabs and delightful tiny clown frogfish (Antennarius maculatus).

/// Night Diving

A montage of night dive video footage from “Muka”, right in front of Two Fish Divers’ resort, Bunaken. The video features a starry moray eel, a blackspotted pufferfish, a stareye parrotfish, nudibranchs, dwarf lionfish, tasseled scorpionfish, and many crustaceans including a decorator crab, a sponge crab, a hermit crab, a spiny lobster and a marble shrimp.

/// Manado slopes and muck

diving bunaken

The coast off Manado offers an alternative to the beautiful walls in the form of sandy slopes.

These offer some amazing muck diving where you can spot sea horses, giant frogfishes, various types of ghost pipe fishes and many other critters.

There is even a ship wreck, home to schools of fish as well as hard and soft corals.


/// Dive Courses in Bunaken Marine Park

While you are here diving Bunaken, why not take advantage of our instructors and take a course?

Not yet a diver? Many of our sites are ideal for a try-a-dive or the Open Water Diver course – a beautiful start to your scuba experience among award winning walls and reefs.

Qualified? Want to learn new dive skills? How about an Advanced Open Water Course or Rescue Diver course? We also have specialty courses for all levels of divers that are ideally suited to this area.

Doing an Indonesian Dive Safari with us? Spread any course over our three dive centers – Bunaken, Lembeh and Nusa Lembongan, Bali.

More information and prices of all courses that we offer…

Perfect to learn on Bunaken:

Peak Performance Buoyancy
Most of the dives are wall dives, so you need to have good buoyancy, and this will increase your dive times by a significant amount
Underwater Naturalist
Fascinating course to do in one of the most diverse marine environments in the world
Enriched Air Nitrox
This can be used to extend your time underwater, so you can spend more time with the turtles
Night Diver
Some creatures just don’t come out during day light hours
This will allow you to explore the amazing walls of Bunaken at 40m

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