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28 Oct / 2012
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Beach clean up on BunakenBeach clean up on Bunaken on 26OCT12 nets 45kg.

Check out our Eco-Blog at Project Aware.

25 Oct / 2012
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In September 2012, Dr Mark Erdmann and Dr Gerry Allen were visiting Manado as Guest Lecturers for a biology workshop. At the same time they conducted a survey of fish species to measure the marine biodiversity in North Sulawesi, and it threw up some most absolutely amazing unexpected results. Namely that North Sulawesi has more marine diversity than Komodo and West Thailand, so now you can dive some of the best marine diversity on the planet with us!

How did this reach this conclusion? To begin with, they recorded 967 species from 329 genera and 84 families, and they said that they were “nowhere near reaching a plateau with every day adding 25-40 new records to the list!”.

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23 Oct / 2012
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pregnant manta on Lembongan21OCT12: We have been taking out Peter from Aquatice Alliance for more manta research, and the other day we did a double whammy of Manta Point and Manta Bay.

Manta Point provided a superb experience as we witnessed a manta mating train, this is the courtship ritual where a series of males follow a female around vying for her acceptance to mate with them. Manta Bay was consistent with some mantas on the surface which the guys were lucky enough to snorkel with.

On a previous trip we came across a heavily pregnant female. This is/was very exciting because it was thought that the birthing times was around august.

Find out more about manta research from Aquatic Alliance, as well as diving with manta’s in Lembongan with us.


18 Oct / 2012
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Free manta mask strap with your AU$25 donation

Manta Mask Strap 2013Manta rays, a species close to the heart of every diver are at risk of extinction. The time is now. If you are a renewing PADI Member (Divemaster, Instructor and above), then you can make an urgent donation with your PADI Member Renewal to protect mantas globally.

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02 Oct / 2012
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Triple whammy results from Bunaken, Lembeh and LembonganOn September 28th, for the first time ever, all three of our resorts combined to do a simultaneous Dive Against Debris in support of Project Aware’s Debris Month of Action. This is what we are calling our Dive Against Debris – Triple whammy clean-up!

All of our joint efforts managed to bring in an amazing  677 kilos of marine debris, collected from sites in Bunaken, Lembeh and Nusa Lembongan.

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