/// Prices for Belongas Bay, Lombok

All prices are valid until 31 December 2017 and are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
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1 dive850,000
2 dives1,650,000
3rd daytime dive750,000


  • Minimum 2 divers is required for Belongas Bay trips
  • Between June and the end of October we require divers to be Advanced Open Water certified with a minimum of 100 logged dives. 50 logged dives are required at other times of the year. Please make sure to have your logbook available on check-in.
  • Divers must have an own SMB & dive computer, these can be rented on site but please advise us before your arrival if this is needed. Reef hook and gloves are recommended.
  • A minimum of 2 paying divers is required for dive trips
  • Junior certifications are not allowed, minimum age 18
  • There is no possibility for non-divers and snorkelers on the boat
  • Due to unpredictable conditions, we do not guarantee that any particular dive site will be accessible at all times.


DescriptionPrice per room / per night

Belongas Bay Lodge

Standard Room
Bungalow with double bed, fan, en-suite toilet/shower with hot water, balcony.
900,000 incl Breakfast
Superior Room
Bungalow with 2 bedrooms (1 double, 1 twin) with A/C, en-suite toilet, shared bathroom with hot water shower, shared living space with balcony.
1,000,000 incl Breakfast

* Prices per room and night including breakfast and 5% Service Charge.


Want a better deal?
With loads of diving included?

dive equipment rental

Dive gear full set200,000 per day
BCD50,000 per day
Regulator50,000 per day
Wetsuit50,000 per day
Boots50,000 per day
Fins50,000 per day
Boots and fins50,000 per day
Mask50,000 per day
Snorkel50,000 per day
Dive Computer50,000 per day
Torch50,000 per dive



Daytrip Transports to Sekotong or Belongas Bay

2-way transport including lunch box
Sekotong to Belongas Bay200,000
Senggigi to Sekotong or Belongas250,000
Bangsal to Sekotong or Belongas350,000
Kuta to Sekotong or Belongas350,000

Transports from Sekotong Hotels to Dive Shop

2-way transport
Bola Bola, Palm Beach, Tembowong75,000
Cocotinos and Tawun Harbor vicinity100,000
Gili Gede to Sekotong dive shop (car & boat)150,000
Gili Gede to Belongas Bay (car & boat)250,000

1-way transports to/from Sekotong or Belongas Bay

Sekotong to/from Belongas150,000

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Want a better deal?
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