Lots of diving courses this week in Bunaken

Diving courses in BunakenWhile things around the resort calmed down a bit after Easter, our instructors Dion and Yvonne have been busy teaching right across the spectrum of PADI courses for the past few days. They’ve been introducing first time divers to the underwater world, explored shipwrecks and worked with our divemaster trainees to perfect their skills both underwater and on land. And they even managed to re-introduce a guest to the underwater world after a 13 year break who was most impressed by the number and size of turtles on our walls (picture by Alex Schade).

New swimming pool in Bunaken at Two Fish

Swimming Pool in Bunaken ready for swimmingWe are really please to announce that our new swimming pool in Bunaken is now complete and ready for use!

We started it in Jan with the digging and transport of materials, and it was finally finished on 27 July. We had an official opening by the local village head and community leaders such as the village priest, and we invited all the workers to come and have a swim! Soon after this it was open to guests.


Today Helge, Rene, Jan, Carsten, and Claus went back home after more than two weeks in Bunaken and Lembeh…oooooooo 🙁 They saw many beautiful and weird staff, hairy frogfish, ghostpipefish, coconut octopus, all kind of nudibranches, six sharks in a early morning diving… two of them were even diving with dolphins!! They ask Opo and…