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08 May / 2011
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Dani-and-Matt-in-Lembeh A warm welcome to Dani & Matt, experienced instructors from UK, who joined our management team in Lembeh last month.

Dani will be looking after our resort in Lembeh, building on her experience of looking after small resorts over the last few years. Matt will be running our courses in Lembeh, as well as ensuring the smooth running of our dive operation.

We wish them all the best.

21 Mar / 2011
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At Two Fish Divers we eat fresh fish from the local catchs. We only buy pelagic fish and never buy reef fish! Yesterday we had a great surprise! A local fisherman came to our beach and showed us his catch of the day: a two meter Sail Fish (Istiophorus platypterus,)! Apparently, this is a very common species here in the Bunaken area. We have seen many small traditional boats fishing this beautiful animal with great success. It is really amazing to see how this little boats can bring up such a big and strong animal.

This time, we bought the whole animal and we had a treat for dinner last night! Grilled steaks of Sail Fish in Coconut saouce! mmmm! yes, it was delicious.

Sailfish are a native of warm regions of oceans worldwide, so they are truly an international entity among sport fishes. They are easily recognized by the large fin that runs from the back of the head to the tail, known as a sail.

Spawning is thought to be in the warmer summer months in water that is fairly shallow, where mating males and females will swim side by side.

Sailfish grow extremely quickly, reaching a length of almost one meter in just a single year. They can live as long as 16 years, a highly migratory species, they have been known to travel as much as 200,000 miles or more in their lifetime.

20 Mar / 2011
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rey-and-patricia-in-bunaken Welcome to Rey & Patricia who arrived a month or so ago in Bunaken to join our management team.

They are both from Spain, and are experienced instructors with some years under their belt in both Thailand and Indonesia.

They have already made an immediate impact on the resort side by helping to set up our beach cafe so that it serves coffee, fruit juices & sandwiches, as well as teaching many courses!

We wish them all the best.

21 Feb / 2011
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Today Helge, Rene, Jan, Carsten, and Claus went back home after more than two weeks in Bunaken and Lembeh…oooooooo :(
They saw many beautiful and weird staff, hairy frogfish, ghostpipefish, coconut octopus, all kind of nudibranches, six sharks in a early morning diving… two of them were even diving with dolphins!! They ask Opo and Leo to organize a nice leaving party so they bring Bunaken Orchestra!! There are 30 members in the band and they sound really good, we all enjoyed their music, after that we have more local music with the staff at Blue Parrot Cafe!Great fun!!
They said that they had a wonderful diving holiday with us!
Thank you Helge, Rene, Jan, Carsten, and Claus it was a pleasure to have you here!!

03 Feb / 2011
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Yesterday we celebrated the Chinese New Year’s Eve at Blue Parrot beach cafe.

We had a lot of fun since we started organizing the event!
First of all we bought few Chinese decorations, as they didn’t came with the instructions took us a while to figure out how to put all this pieces together!!I know what are you thinking but it is not that easy… finally we manage to do it! After this we did few sound checks, with our resident Dj Zack. Set up the proyector and ready for the party!
After dinner we all meet at the Cafe. To begin with we started with a funny and interesting presentation about the story of the Chinese New Year: we learn how to say Happy new year in Chinese: Xin Nian Kuai Le!! Which animal we are in the chinese zodiac and which qualities our sign have.

After the presentation the life music started! Our staff started playing the bass and guitar and everyone singing!!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!!

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