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Three New PADI Instructors and 1 Staff Instructor Are Born!

Three new PADI Instructors and 1 Staff Instructor are born! On Nusa Lembongan, 19th of April, was the beginning of another great IDC program along with Platinum course director Marie. A nice mix of 3 different personalities, 3 different countries, 1 staff instructor trainee and Marie…5 people getting together for their 13 days of Instructor…

Galungan Greetings From Lembongan

Happy Galungan From Lembongan EverybodyHappy….. What is it?? This week in Lembongan… there is a special time, called Galungan, a 10 days Balinese festival period. Full of Hindu religious ceremonies which culminates at Kuningan. This week started all the preparations in Lembongan, with many bamboo and palm leaves ornaments arriving to the shops and ready to be sold to the villagers. Temples where adorned and locals started to prepare their beautiful and unique ceremonial attires.

Why our guests are choosing Lembongan?

Why our guests are choosing Lembongan?This week in Lembongan… We are starting our high season, and this year as previous years, we are having an increasing amount of visitors in our tiny paradise island. Curious about what is it that brings people over to Lembongan, we decided to go ahead and ask to some of those visitors the reasons why they included Lembongan in their holiday itinerary. The answers were so diverse that it surprised us! We thought it would be interesting to share some of these thoughts. Of course, manta rays and mola-mola or sunfish are some of the main reasons why divers come to Lembongan.

PADI Instructor Development Course in Lembongan

padi instructor course in lembongan

It has been a busy week with life-changing adventures for the 8 candidates doing our PADI Instructor Development Course in Lembongan. Over the last week and a bit, these 8 candidates have been working hard to get themselves prepared for becoming PADI instructors. Today is the first day of the PADI Instructor Exam, Mikko, Tristan, Flora, Nicole, Prashanti, Rhome , Sherrine and Matteo are all prepared for the two days of exams. 

A Week Full of Courses in Lembongan

A Week Full of Courses in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our instructors have been busy teaching new students about the wonderful world of diving. We have had Rowan jumping between teaching an Open Water course with the help of Yayan, to teaching discover scuba divers. Bryce and Fred have been out panicking and screaming for help while teaching a rescue course. Yayan has popped over to Bali to teach another person Open Water course and Fred has just started a deep specialty course.