/// Special Offers

Special Offers in Bunaken, Lembeh, Nusa Lembongan, Amed, South Lombok and Gili Islands

Tropical island dive resorts and PADI 5 star centres in three of the best locations in Indonesia

/// Free Night Dive

free night dive in bunaken, lembeh or lembongan
Get a FREE night dive when you book a 2-center combo in Bunaken, Lembeh or Lembongan/Bali.
Offer is available on accomm/dive packages that includes minimum 2 of our centers in Lembeh, Bunaken or Bali; packages need to be 7Nights across both centers, with minimum 6 days diving across both centers; night dives can be changed to mandarin dives; if one of your centers is Lembongan, the FREE night dive cannot be taken in Lembongan.

/// Free Afternoon Dive

free afternoon dive in Bunaken and Lembeh
Get a FREE afternoon dive when you book an accomm/dive package in Bunaken or Lembeh.
Offer is available on accomm/dive packages of 6Nights or more, with minimum 5 days diving in ONE location. These free afternoon dives are already included in the 3-dive per day and 4-dive per day packages.

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