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10 Dec / 2009
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Red-gilled-nembrotha We just received some more entries for Lembeh.

Check out all the entries so far for Lembeh and Bunaken.

23 Nov / 2009
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Juvenile Boxfish We just received photo’s from Kelly in US who wisited us in Feb/March 2009, and they are great. Have a look at Kelly photo’s on Flickr.

Kelly also has her own site and has posted over 100 photo’s of her visit, check out her site at Kelly Walkotten Photography.

22 Nov / 2009
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scorpion-fish-full-face Nigel finally gets back in the water with his second-hand FujiPro S2 DSLR camera with Seacam housing – bought in June 2009 and finally getting wet!! Will take a while to get used to a DSLR but early results are great!

Check out Nigel’s latest fun diving photo’s on Flickr.

11 Jan / 2009
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IMG_2297Over the last couple of weeks we have had great weather here at Lembeh. Not only have our guests seen flamboyant cuttlefish, stargazers, hairy frogfish, and clown frogfish, but also the latest Lembeh discovery, named the Lembeh Dragon. It looks a little bit like a pipefish and a little bit like a sea horse, and is a wee little critter about 3-4 cm long – see photo on right taken  by Chris Payne, who stayed with us at Two Fish Divers Lembeh in early January

26 Jul / 2007
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This week we said goodbye to Yoshi from Japan. He was diving with us last May and got fed up with the typhoons and bad weather in Japan and came back for some more diving 2 months later! His favourite picture was this one of the Shrimp Goby, it lives in a sandy hole with 1 (sometimes 2) shrimps: the goby keeps guard whilst the shrimp cleas the home. Its hard to get a good picture of the goby as its very shy and darts back into its hole when it senses danger, and the white sand means that a flash will “white-out” the picture.

You can see more of Yoshi’s pictures on his website.

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