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05 Jul / 2011
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Yesterday we certified as a Junior Advanced Open Water divers to Balam and Roby (14 and 12 years old)

They choose underwater photography specialty and this are some of their best pictures!!



29 Jun / 2011
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What are the Benefits of Nitrox?

In scuba diving, “nitrox” refers to a breathing gas with a higher percentage of oxygen and a lower percentage of nitrogen than normal air. Tanks filled with nitrox must bear a clear label that reads “Enriched Air Nitrox.” Nitrox provides several benefits for divers.
The unsafe absorption of nitrogen into the body’s tissues limits dive times with normal air. Because nitrox contains a lower percentage of nitrogen, your body absorbs less of this gas during a dive, meaning that you can stay underwater for longer. Nitrox does not allow for unlimited dive time, however. You must follow standard dive time and decompression tables specific to nitrox diving.

21 Jun / 2011
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Last week Yeong Jai Lee did her AOWD in Bunaken. She chose photography specialty and here there are some of her best pictures!! Congratulations and thanks for the pics!!

12 Jun / 2011
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We want to say congrats to Christina who did her Advanced course with us in Bunaken! She chose photography as one of the specialties and this are some of the photos that she took! Right now she is in Lembeh with Fraiser practicing a little bit more and enjoying Lembeh’s critters!!

Thank you Christina for the pictures!!


19 May / 2011
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So 2 new divers have been initiated into the hull of the Mawali wreck this week after completing their PADI Wreck Specialty, Congratulations Lotta & Anssi – Great Work!
The Mawali wreck is a Japanese WWII freighter that was scuttled around 1943/44 and Lotta & Anssi were lucky enough to explore inside, the Mawali Wreck is not just a great wreck, it is also full of Lembehs critters!!!

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