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12 Jun / 2011
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We want to say congrats to Christina who did her Advanced course with us in Bunaken! She chose photography as one of the specialties and this are some of the photos that she took! Right now she is in Lembeh with Fraiser practicing a little bit more and enjoying Lembeh’s critters!!

Thank you Christina for the pictures!!


19 May / 2011
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So 2 new divers have been initiated into the hull of the Mawali wreck this week after completing their PADI Wreck Specialty, Congratulations Lotta & Anssi – Great Work!
The Mawali wreck is a Japanese WWII freighter that was scuttled around 1943/44 and Lotta & Anssi were lucky enough to explore inside, the Mawali Wreck is not just a great wreck, it is also full of Lembehs critters!!!

21 Apr / 2011
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So this week we say congrats to Hugo who just finished his PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course here with us!!! Hugo is a more than keen underwater photographer who came second in our 2008 photo competition. He decided to take his “Nitrox” course to extend his bottom time and increase his photo taking opportunities. He’s taken photos of many critters this week: several Mimic Octopus and one with only 4 legs (which he would like to name a “Mim” octopus), Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, Thorny seahorse, and Hairy Frogfish to name a few. Well done Hugo!

02 Jan / 2011
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The day after Christmas Day most people are having a lie-in or feeling ill from eating or drinking too much but not Sara, Rickard and Kurt who decided to complete their Advanced Open Water with Two Fish Divers here in Lembeh starting on December 26th!

We started with the Deep Dive and enjoyed seeing Pygmy and Ponthoi Seahorse alongside a Giant Frogfish, Devil Stingers and Ribbon Eels. All the divers wanted to improve their buoyancy so we spent the second dive playing  Peak Performance Buoyancy games and almost straight way you could see an improvement. This dive they also got to see Seahorses, Wonderpus and another Giant Frogfish!

After a rest in the afternoon we headed out to complete the Night Dive – which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Squid, Decorator crabs, Seahorses and Pipefish all come out to greet our students!

The following day we completed an awesome Wreck Dive on the Mawali Wreck with loads of nice reef fish, Nudibranchs and awesome visibility. After that we concluded the Advanced Open Water Course with the Navigation dive on which we saw two huge reef Octopus, Nudibranchs and loads of Waspfish!

It was great fun teaching all three of you and hope that you continue to enjoy your diving!

31 Dec / 2010
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 Megan Lennon Two Fish Divers Lembeh has been having a busy week with courses but is so happy to announce that the First PADI Muck Diver Course also took place this week!

Megan was first to sign up and then her friend Julianne decided to come along for the fun as well! Both currently living and working in Indonesia – Megan and Julianne are really making the most of the world-class diving that this area has to offer and after diving round Bali and Bunaken, they fancied trying out Muck Diving in Lembeh (where else? It is the best place in the world!)

Not knowing what to really expect from Muck Diving, when they read about the course that we (Helen & Gizmo) had written and they decided this would be the ideal course for them to take. We spent time perfecting buoyancy skills and then Julianne Reynoldson the second dive we were busy identifying symbiosis and different types of Muck Diving critters!

The critters were also out in force for the first Muck Diver course – we saw loads of Ambon Scorpion, Stargrazer, Wonderpus, Devil Ray, Juvenile Batfish, Frogfish…the list goes on and on…….

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