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04 Aug / 2013
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Sylvia Divemaster TraineeTo summarize my second week in Lembeh: it was very busy, tons of fun, in some times very disgusting (but rewarding) and I learned a lot.

The week started off with a beach clean up. When we came up from a dive on the house reef that morning, a truckload of rubbish had washed up on the beach. So during our service interval we organised a spontaneous beach clean up. In the afternoon we sorted everything (this was obviously the disgusting part) and collected data to send to Project Aware. We collected 53 kilo’s of trash, mainly consisting of plastic drinking cups (approx. 1000) and food wrappers. We did also find a yellow plastic rooster, a toy truck, 3 diapers and other weird stuff.
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28 Jul / 2013
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Sylvia Divemaster TraineeAfter I arrived, I had a day of fun diving. It was a really nice day with 3 spectacular dives: 2 Bargibanti Pygmee’s on the first, 5 (yes five) frogfish on the second and a pygmee squid, which I had never seen before. And than the night dive at Jahir: in the first ten minutes we were so lucky to see: a stargazer, a reptilian snake eel and a bobbit worm (also a first for me J). And even though that was amazing it didn’t stop. We also saw 4 coconut octopuses, 2 ambon scorpionfish, 2 frogfish, another stargazer and many more critters. What a great welcome back!
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20 Jul / 2013
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Theresia in ManadoToday I am with Two Fish for 2 months. Time passed by really fast and it seems like I have just arrived. Another exciting week in Lembeh. Lewis and I have placed the pyramid we have made and so extended the creation of the artificial house reef. It was rather difficult as the floating wood wanted to go back to the surface until we finally attached it to the concrete block we have placed on 15 m already the week before. It looks quite nice and some fish already started checking out our new creations. A Goby already made the pipe structure made by Sylvie and Joep his new home. The next day we went down again to measure the site and amend the map of the reef creation.
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11 Jul / 2013

Theresia divemaster internLeaving Bunaken after 7 weeks was quite hard, I have to admit, but the warm welcome in Lembeh made up a lot and feeling comfortable is very easy as well.
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24 Sep / 2012
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5 Star Certificate of Excellence in Lembeh Our resort in Lembeh has just been awarded 5 Star Certificate of Excellence for 2012 from Tripadvisor!!

We would like to say thanks to all our guests that helped us with this, as well as all our staff who made this happen.

Find out more about diving Lembeh Straits with us.

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