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29 Nov / 2013
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The Return of the Magic – Assisting with Dive Classes

Tim and I greeted our students: Simon and Bronwyn from Oregon and Matthias from France. How incredible of a small world is it that we traveled all the way to Indonesia to meet people from Corvallis, Oregon – less than 3 hours from our home town?
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06 Oct / 2013
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Luc Divemaster TraineeBye Bye Nusa Lembongan, bye bye manta, bye bye Mola Mola, bye bye Thresher Shark, bye bye Whale Shark.
Hello Bunaken, hello Open Water students, Hello DSD, Hello swimming pool.
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22 Jul / 2013
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Karoline Divemaster InternFirst I was able to assist Keiko and Nicolas on their first underwater adventures. But shortly after that there was no diving for me. 
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20 Jul / 2013
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Imogen Divemaster InternHaving been diving since the age of ten, it has been a passion of mine for a very long time and I’ve always known that I wanted to see my diving education through to the very end. Now, fresh out of A levels and just turned eighteen, I decided to fly to the other side of the world from the (oddly) sunny England to the lovely islands of Indonesia, specifically Bunaken and Lembeh off Sulawesi, to do my Divemaster course.
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18 Sep / 2012
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crocodile fish in bunakenLots of scorpion leaf fish in all ranges of colours, eagle rays, giant trevellies, schools of tuna down in the deep plus crocodile fish galore!! We don’t see many normally but this week they have been out in abundance including 4 hanging out together at Barracuda point. Thanks to Jimmy our DMT for this great shot! Crocodile fish can live to be 14 years old and start off entirely black before developing their amazing camouflage skin as adults!

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