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04 May / 2010
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From Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia

Check out AA website

Lion air Indonesia
Check out Lion Air website

Booking Internal Flights
Its cheaper to book internal flights from inside Indonesia. Lion Air issue eTckets, this means that we can book the flights for you and send you the tickets via email. Check out booking flights for more information.

Perhaps the cheapest route to Manado is via Air Asia, one of Asia’s largest budget airlines. The direct flight between KL and Manado was cancelled in Feb 2010, but its still possible to get AA flights to cities in Indonesia followed by internal flights to Manado (MDO) with Lion Air with very little transit time as follows:

via Jakarta:
DEP KL 0700, ARR JKT 0805 (AA)
DEP JKT 1330, ARR MDO 1740 (LionAir)

DEP KL 0950, ARR JKT 1050 (AA)
DEP JKT 1330 ARR MDO 1740 (LionAir)

DEP KL 1315, ARR JKT 1415 (AA)
DEP JKT 1830, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

via Denpasar (Bali):
DEP KL 0925, ARR DPS 1230 (AA)
DEP DPS 1830, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

DEP KL 1055, ARR DPS 1355 (AA)
DEP DPS 1830, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

via Ujang Pandang (city in South of Sulawesi):
DEP KL 1340, ARR UPG 1705 (AA)
DEP UPG 2030, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

Lion Air is the largest budget airline in Indonesia, and typical prices would be JKT-MDO US$65-100, DPS-MDO US$80-100, UPG-MDO US$40-60. We can buy the Lion Air flights to Manado for you and get the cheaper internal prices, the tickets issued will be eTickets that we can email to you.

Check out all the different flight options for getting to and from Manado.

22 Apr / 2010
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Since finding out about Earth Day last month, we have been getting excited about getting all our guests and guides together to help do our little bit help to clean up the IMG_04210013Lembeh Strait. After a good chat with the dive guides we decided on going to TK2 (it is named after the village in the bay – Teluk Kembahu) to give it a ‘spring clean’!

After a nice hearty lunch we donned our wetsuits, set up our kit and headed out on the boat. The earlier rain had gone away and the sun was shining – everyone was in high spirits!

After a briefing from Helen, our resident instructor and Project Aware Coordinator on what rubbish to collect and the plan of action everyone jumped in eager to get started!!

As you can see from the pictures in the album, everyone had great fun collecting over 50 kilograms of rubbish!!! We mainly focused on collecting plastic items as these are a real problem in the Lembeh Strait but some of the stranger items we collected included vacuum cleaner pipes, a Mickey Mouse handbag, brushes and a inflatable kiddie pool!!

We would like to extend our thanks to all the helpers on the dive – Silvia and Martin from Switerland, Louise from Denmark, Fred from France, Arnau from Spain, Frits and Zu from The Netherlands and Steve from the UK. As you can see it was a very international affair and we also had the Indonesian contingent  Risko, Steven and Sem , three of our fantastic guides here at Two Fish Divers.

15 Apr / 2010
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This lovely this Clown frogfish was trying to show his best side to Paul and Kirsten Simms,when Kirsten took this great shot. He was just hanging out on the wall waiting to be spotted.That’s harder said than done! He is one of several sightings in the last few weeks. Thanks to Kirsten for sending it.


15 Apr / 2010
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Hooray for Chris Thorpe, who finally found a way to overcome her acute sea sickness, so that she could actually enjoy being on a boat whilst doing her Open Water course!

Chris’ husband, Ton, is an experienced diver and so are their son and daughter. Ton had waited 10 years for Chris to join him underwater. Now at last his wish has come true. Chris is more than happy to put her seasickness days behind her and abolutely loves diving.

Chris used a relief band device for seasickness, which sends a gentle electric current along her wrist and magically keeps her nausea at bay. Obviously she remembered to remove it before every dive!

Now the Thorpes can’t wait for their first underwater family get-together….and many more happy diving holidays to come!

Bravo to Ton for his patience and persistence and especially to Chris for never saying ‘never’!

14 Apr / 2010
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Recently we had Josef & Vera Litt from the Czech Republic staying with us at both Two Fish Lembeh and Bunaken.

Josef is an avid and excellent underwater photographer and has recently set up Help The Seas organisation. Their purpose is to help raise funds for conservation projects and Help The Sea is currently supporting Seacology and Archelon.

Shortly he has assured us that he will be posting photos that he took in both Bunaken and Lembeh, so please go to  www.helptheseas.org to have a look and to find out more information about Help The Seas.

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