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06 May / 2011
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Today we want to say congratulations to Danny who did his NITROX course in Bunaken with us. Now he also can have longer bottom time to enjoy our beautiful walls!!Today we saw, orangutan crab, purple squat lobster, turtle, juvenile midday snapper…..

Here the pictures taken with our new camera for rental, Canon Ixus 220 HS. With High Definition Video!!


03 May / 2011
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Sunday was last day with us for Fabian, Gessa, Phillip and Nickie. They spent three weeks in both resorts, Lembeh and Bunaken. As they were taking beautiful pictures and we all wanted to watch them we set up our big screen in the cafe and after dinner we all enjoy the critter that we can find in north Sulawesi.
Thank you to Phillip Ayres and Fabian Buttner for sharing the photos with us!!An hope to see you again!!


01 May / 2011
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Here at Lembeh we’ve been having quite a good run of critters at the moment… Last night we saw a LEMBEH SEA DRAGON spotted and two TIGER SHRIMPS. This morning while we were heading out to our 1st dive site a pod of DOLPHINS went past us in the Lembeh Strait in between Magic Rock & Batu Sandar. Then when we did go under for the dive there were so many critters including JUVENILE AMBON SCORPIONFISH, two MIMIC OCTOPUSES and a few FROGFISH… the list goes on and on! This afternoon we saved a SARGASSUM FROGFISH as it was about to be washed up onto the beach with the incoming tide… It was safely put back onto a driftwood raft further out into sea!

30 Apr / 2011
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Yesterday we organize a trip to Nain island, the northern most island in the Bunaken National Park. Nain is about one hour an a half from Two Fish, and when looking for hammerheads you need to be in the water early morning, so we depart really early!!

Diving in NAIN has similar topography to the rest with impressive steep walls. Jalan Masuk offers the only way in for boat traffic due to the huge fringing reef that surrounds the island. There is often great viz of 35 meters and above and myriad smaller reef fish living in the coral plateaus here. Also place for strong currents.

A large very deep pinnacle starts at 40 meters with caves at 60 but this is beyond recreational limits, possible with tec diving offer by Two fish…

Due to its remoteness from the other islands there is always the prospect of an encounter with big visitors , maybe even hammerheads or pilot whales. And that is what we were looking for……no luck this time for hammerheads but they still have a good dive and did found a impressive school of jack fish. We will keep trying!!!

24 Apr / 2011
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66 bags

12 ballons

28 beverage bottles

23 glasses

5 caps

124 clothing, shoes

4 bait containers

15 cleaner bottles

3 buoys

66 fishing lines

8 fishing lures

15 cigarettes

11 wrappers

17 diapers

6 syringes

1 tampon

21 plates, cups, knifes….

31 food containers

12 toys

8 nets

6 light bulbs

13 plastic sheeting

11 rope

11 batteries

34 building materials

1 tires

20 metal buchets

MANY THANKS TO THE VOLUNTEERS! Fendi, John, Eli, Rian, Ronald, Tina, Laura, Martin and Lene!!

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