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23 Apr / 2011
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Friday 22nd April 2011
All the guests at Two Fish Divers Lembeh helped to first do a beach clean up in the front of the resort, then after that off to the Police Pier Reef for an underwater cleanup!!!!
Special thanks again to all those who helped on the day: Hugo, Phil, Nickie, Budy, Cenk, Gabi, Luk, Pierre, Sharon, Fabien , Udo, Christian, Alfred, Harry, Torsten & of course all of the Two Fish Divers Lembeh team as well – well done guys the amount of trash collected was pretty amazing!!!! Some of the more unusual finds were a roll of linoleum, game console controllers & one complete dinner set!!!!!!!!

22 Apr / 2011
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Today 22th of April is the international DIVE FOR EARTH DAY!!

As divers we do care about ocean protection, so to contribute Two Fish Bunaken organize a underwater clean up.

After having done a briefing providing an explanation of how to recover the trash, as well as what should be recovered and what should be left behind, the dive took place this afternoon in Bunaken village pier. We arranged the buddy teams and both staff and guest jumped into the water with a mesh sack ready to began our search for debris and trash. After one hour underwater working together for a common good we all came up with full sacks. However it was to late for some of the rubbish found underwater at it was already part of the reef!!

Tomorrow we will report our event data to Proyect Aware

Thank you for celebrating the ocean planet with us!!


21 Apr / 2011
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So this week we say congrats to Hugo who just finished his PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course here with us!!! Hugo is a more than keen underwater photographer who came second in our 2008 photo competition. He decided to take his “Nitrox” course to extend his bottom time and increase his photo taking opportunities. He’s taken photos of many critters this week: several Mimic Octopus and one with only 4 legs (which he would like to name a “Mim” octopus), Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, Thorny seahorse, and Hairy Frogfish to name a few. Well done Hugo!

18 Apr / 2011
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Here there are the photos from our last photo session at Blue Parrot Cafe in Bunaken. Thanks to Gunther, Christo, and Osgrid for sharing the photos with us!!

Just a reminder of our annual Photo Competition for the 4th year in a row, and we are offering some great prizes:

* 1st place: free 5-day dive holiday in either Bunaken and Lembeh
* 2nd place: the new Debelius book on Nudibranchs
* 3rd place: newly designed Two Fish mask strap

To enter, just send in your top 3 photos taken in Bunaken and/or top 3 photos taken in Lembeh, and judging will take place by a professional photographer in Feb 2012.

Photos should be emailed to Diving@TwoFishDivers.com, and we need to receive all entries by 31 Jan 2012


14 Apr / 2011
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Yesterday a lucky group coming from Belgium (Didier, Jan, Eric R., Eric F., Cool, and Hugo) saw a blue ring octopus. It is not common to see it in Bunaken, last time was two years ago!!
The BLUE RING OCTOPUS can be recognized by their characteristic blue and black rings and yellowish skin. When the octopus is agitated, the brown patches darken dramatically, and iridescent blue rings or clumps of rings appear and pulsate within the maculae. They hunt small crabs, hermit crabs, and shrimp, and may bite attackers. Blue Ringed Octopus are one of the most fascinating of all octopus. They are quite small, only a few inches across but have one of the most toxic venoms in the world. When threatened they flash neon blue rings.

The Belgium group stayed with us 4 days and saw a little bit of everything, ghost pipe fish, sharks, napoleon, huge huge turtle, orangutan crab…..BLUE RING OCTOPUS… They are heading to Lembeh today.
Thank you to Cool Gunther for the pictures!!


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