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27 Aug / 2007
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We just received news that an artice has been written on us by Sarah & Brent Womersley, photo-journalists from www.underwater.com.au who we hosted in July 2007.

Check out their article by clicking Two Fish article.

26 Jul / 2007
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This week we said goodbye to Yoshi from Japan. He was diving with us last May and got fed up with the typhoons and bad weather in Japan and came back for some more diving 2 months later! His favourite picture was this one of the Shrimp Goby, it lives in a sandy hole with 1 (sometimes 2) shrimps: the goby keeps guard whilst the shrimp cleas the home. Its hard to get a good picture of the goby as its very shy and darts back into its hole when it senses danger, and the white sand means that a flash will “white-out” the picture.

You can see more of Yoshi’s pictures on his website.

31 May / 2007
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Just received the link for Keith’s pictures. Keith stayed with us in Bunaken and Lembeh in April and was one of our first guests to see our new daughter. He is 70 and has promised to visit us again to join Rebecca on her first dive in 10 years time!

He has put together a great website of his diving holidays all over the world, but first check out Keith in Bunaken and Lembeh

19 Mar / 2007
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Celina was diving on one of the reefs on Bunaken when a whale shark was spotted by some other Two Fish guests on the same reef. “I almost cried!” said Celina, since this was a very rare occurance in Bunaken. However, it was just as well she missed it since her two friends, Tomas and Marco, arrived the next day and would have been really upset!

All three friends were on a holiday from their current postings with different French/International aid organsiations in Aceh helping with post-tsunami rebuilding efforts. They really appreciated the slow, relaxing diving with their own dive guide, and liked the friendly atmosphere of the resort and Bunaken Island in general.

They all loved the great visibility and diversity of marine life, as well as the amazing macro life – nudibranchs and mandarin fish were their favourites. Check out Two Fish Critters for an idea of what they did see whilst diving.

18 Mar / 2007
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Ken is a semi-professional photographer who visited us in Bunaken and Lembeh in Nov 2006. He considers this picture of a pygmy sea horse to be one of his best from his visit, but only of the one’s he has managed to go through so far – he has already posted a number of photos on his web site, but says that after a month’s worth of diving and over 9,000 photos, a lot of work still remains!

He is still trying to catalog his photos, and at the moment has identified 500 different species of sea life from just the one trip in Nov 06. “Absolutely amazing!” he says, and is tentatively planning to return in Nov 07.

Check out his web site on Kilili Photography

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